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Project Red Adds Free to Play Weekends

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Project Red, who recently opened up their public alpha, now announce free to play weekends. Open to everyone on every other weekend, Project Red joins the growing group of high-quality FPS games available in the web3 space.

Every other weekend (starting with the game open to all this weekend, Feb 10th-12th), the Project Red alpha will be free to play. Anyone can download the game and join in on the playtests for this new FPS with a Mafia theme. Though a larger world is planned, this current alpha is just for the Blood Arena, an FPS contest set within the game world.

Project Red is still in alpha testing. And while they do host contests with prizes for players during the alpha, for now, they won’t be offering rewards to free to play players. However, this is still a great chance to give the game a try, provide feedback, and take a look at one of the new FPS games in the web3 space.

Players can download the game here. The team has teased a new release towards the end of the month, with a new map, new weapon, new training made, and private matches. The Project Red public alpha first opened on January 27th, 2023.

What is Project Red?

Project Red is a open world, 3D social hub built in the Unreal Engine with several sub-games, including the Blood Arena. Project Red is a mafia-themed game, with plans for player ownership of land and in-game businesses, as well as competition between groups for resources and bragging rights.

The game runs on the MultiversX blockchain (formerly known as Elrond). So players will need an appropriate wallet and the ELGD native token for purchases. Players can pick up Elrond Mafia NFTs at https://xoxno.com/collection/MAFIA-bd0abc. The current alpha also features free to play weekends. But holders of Elrond Mafia NFTs can play at any time and earn rewards in various leaderboards and contests.

Project Red is only available on the PC. Players can create custom game avatars based on the traits of the NFTs they own. They can also earn EGLD tokens by playing.

The team plans to continue adding new maps, weapons, and game modes over the coming months. Project Red is just one facet of a larger ecosystem being built around the Elrond Mafia.

Project Red screenshot

What is Elrond Mafia?

Elrond Mafia, is a collection of 5,555 mafia-themed PFPs. The creators of this collection plan on building a game ecosystem around the PFPs. The first 1,000 NFTs of the collection (number 1-1000) are considered DAO NFTs and receive special access. The team has since airdropped other NFTs to their holders, original minters, and involved community members.

The team plans for Project Red to act as the social hub and central location for accessing the various activities associated with the ecosystem. This includes mini-games, base building, farming, and more. They also reward those who stake their NFTs with regular airdrops. Elrond Mafia has big plans for building all sorts of dapps, going cross-chain., and growing into a metaverse.

To learn more about Elrond Mafia and Project Red, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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