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The new land sale for kicks off today. Land will be an integral part of the game as landowners have access to many features including Mech rental, NFT crafting, and even the creation of their own games! already held one sale earlier this year. This new sale brings us land plots in a northern section of the map called Endeavour City. This land sale encompasses 1250 plots across four regions.

Endeavour City land area
Endeavour City land area

The sale starts at 12pm PST today (December 21st). Three Lot sizes are available — small, medium and large. Larger land sizes can hold more Mechs and larger buildings. Small lands start at $500 and allow renting and ‘breeding’ Mechs. Medium plots add the ability to craft NFTs and sell them in shops. Holders of medium sized lands can also create single player games. The price for Medium plots starts at $1000.

And then there are Large land plots. These can hold up to 50 mechs, as well as multiple shops. They are also the only land that allows the construction of multiplayer arenas. Large land plots start at $1500.

land plot sizes and costs
land plot sizes and costs

Land Owner Benefits

All land owners receive access to the Mech’s Creator Tools for their plots. These allow owner to design and create custom buildings and structures on their land. Owners can even terraform their land to add rivers, mountains, and other assets!

Land owning will be central to many of the play and earn aspects for the game. Landowners can use their Garages to rent out their Mech NFTs. They can also create their own custom weapon and armor NFTs, then craft and sell them to other players! In addition, They can build custom games and battle arenas on their land, creating their own competitions and events. Landowners will also have options to monetize their gaming experiences.

And then, there will be Factories, allowing land holders to duplicate their Mechs. Breeding of a sort. The team is keeping the Factory details close to their chest for now, but being able to create new Mechs certainly adds additional value to what is already an integral part of the game.

As another perk, Land owners receive voting rights to help guide the future of the game. And, as a final bonus, every plot purchased will also receive a free, elite, Proto Zero Mech NFT. NFTs of this style sell for around $400 retail price. This particular NFT will only be created as a result of this land sale.

Mech land sale info
Mech land sale info

Game Creator

The Game Creator allows players to create custom maps and games. This not only includes customizing the map, arranging rocks and trees and such, but it can also include changing the player perspective! This enables the creation of first person, and third person style games. There will also be options for various game types like capture the flag and battle arena. So land owners can build their own game using the Game Creator, and then monetize it with entry fees or via other means. However, only holders of Large land plots can create multiplayer games.

Expect to see continued improvements and updates to the Mech Game Creator, as player built activities are a core part of the game model.

What is Mech? is a virtual world where players engage in mini-games with their mechs. The game runs in a web browser. Featuring combat, racing, and other game types, players can earn Forge tokens while playing. Players will also have the option of owning land and creating their own gaming arenas!

Mech NFTs belong to one of five factions, and can be purchased on Open Sea. These will be used in the games and can be rented out by land owners.

Future plans include mining, battle arenas, and a MechVerse. For more about Mech, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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