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Play and Earn in Free Wizardia Tournament

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Though only officially in an alpha stage, Wizardia has already been running regular,play and earn tournaments for players of their turn-based battle game. They bring us two more tomorrow (December 22nd), one a free to play PvP tournament, the other a PvE tournament that requires owning a team of Wizard NFTs

Wizardia pushes forward with their alpha, offering two new tournaments to players, both with significant prize pools.

First up is the free to play tournament. Players don’t need tickets or Wizards NFTs to play. The event begins on December 22nd at 13:00 UTC, and runs through January 1st. This tournament inclueds $600 worth of prizes. This is a PvP event. The top 5 players who can collect the most points over 20 battles win Wizard NFTs.

Then there is the PvE Tournament #5. This one also starts on the 22nd though it runs through January 12th. Entering this tournament requires a $10 Entry ticket and owning at least three Wizard NFTs to make a team with. For this event, the top twenty players with the most points over 20 battles win prizes. The prize pool for PvE Tournament #5 includes $WZRD tokens and Wizard NFTs worth a total of $4,770!

Even when there isn’t a free tournament, Wizardia still lets players join in to practice mode for free. In practice mode, the player receives a set of three random Wizards for the battle and then plays against the AI or another player. There are no rewards for practice mode, thought it’s a good way to learn the game and practice your strategies.

What is Wizardia?

Wizardia is a play and earn, turn-based, team battle game running on the Binance Chain. In Wizardia, players field teams of three Wizards. Players use abilities, spells, and items to try and destroy the other team. Last team standing is declared the winner.

Wizardia plans to build their economy around renting Wizards, selling Wizards, and, of course, playing the game. And, as become the standard for blockchain games, Wizardia will feature breeding (summoning), allowing Original Wizard holders the opportunity to generate new Wizards.

There are currently ten different Original Wizards for sale, in rare, epic, and legendary varieties. Original Wizards are limited supply, and have better attributes. In the future, newly summoned Wizards will be 90% common. Players can also purchase shares in the Arena and the Market, earning passive income from users playing the game and using the marketplace. Players use WZRD tokens to buy items and tournament tickets.

Wizards level up as they gain experience and they come in one of three affinities – Body, Mind and Soul. These work in a rock-paper-scissors manner where each affinity has an advantage against another. In this case, Body beats Mind which beats Soul which beats Body. There is still plenty of strategy involved in regards to targeting, spell timing, and such. But having at least one Wizard with an affinity advantage in a fight can make a huge difference.

The team plans to build out their tournament system, including weekly challenges. And also implement a PvP dueling system where players wager WZRD tokens against their opponent.

To learn more about Wizardia, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord server.

a Wizardia battlefield
a Wizardia battlefield
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