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Splinterlands Riftwatchers Goes on Sale Today!

Splinterlands Riftwatchers banner

Riftwatchers, the next expansion for Splinterlands, goes on sale today (September 15th), at 2pm EST. This set is a smaller print run than Chaos Legion, and promises to add a number of high mana cost creatures to the game. In addition, early purchasers of Riftwatchers packs have a chance to receive a special, limited edition promo card!

Splinterlands has been very busy lately with the upcoming release of their tower defense game and the announcement of Genesis League Sports. But that doesn’t mean that they have forgotten their original auto-battler, collectible card game. Riftwatchers, the next expansion for the Splinterlands game starts its sale today with a total of three million packs up for grabs!

And like the last couple of set releases from Splinterlands, Riftwatchers will include a special promo card. This promo card is only available to those who purchase the first 500,000 packs. And given that Chaos Legion sold about 2 million packs on the first day, I expect these first 50k to sell out quickly. So if you want a shot at that promo card, you will want to have your SPS tokens and vouchers ready to go! The sale starts at 2pm EST on September 15th!

We don’t have the full stats yet on the new promo card. But, we did get a teaser image of this legendary Dragon creature at level 4. It’s called Oshuur Constantia. At level 4, Oshuur has 3 magic attack, 2 speed, 6 health, tank heal, resurrect, and reflection immunity. That’s a pretty sweet combo! And the Dragon splinter has a noticeable lack of healer options, so I would expect this card to be in high demand!

Riftwatchers packs cannot be opened until the set officially releases, which is currently planned for September 27th.

What is Riftwatchers?

Night Ghoul from Riftwatchers expansions
Night Ghoul from Riftwatchers expansions

Riftwatchers is the latest expansion from Splinterlands. It features 43 new cards, with Epic Summoners and Legendary Creatures for every Splinter. This set brings a new ability to the game called Fury. Creatures with Fury deal double damage to creatures with Taunt, making this ability an excellent way to break through those tough front lines.

In addition, expect to see more cards with the Reflection Shield ability, and more high mana cards. The team said that they wanted to give the players additional options for those high mana battles.

Each pack contains five cards from the new set, with one guaranteed rare per pack. Each pack costs $5 worth of SPS tokens, along with one VOUCHER. Players receive bonus packs for large purchases.

The first 500 thousand packs are considered ‘pre-sale’ packs. This pre-sale offers a special airdrop opportunity for everyone who purchases one or more of those first 50k packs. This airdrop will be the only way to acquire this particular card (aside from buying it from other players on the market). Each pre-sale pack purchased provides a 2% chance to receive a copy of the card, with one card guaranteed for every 50 packs purchased. Those who buy 1000 packs during the pre-sale receive a guaranteed, gold foil version.

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