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Blankos Block Party Season 1 Update 2.0

Blankos Block Party Season 1 Update 2.0

Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer game that has released its Season 1 update 2.0. The new update includes several features such as Target Mode, inventory, skills, friend search, chat options and group communication.

Season 1 of Blankos Block Party was released on September 28, 2022, introducing features such as Party Passes, new Blanko characters and several game modes. The 2.0 updates went live on December 12, 2022, and players can now head over to the game to access the new features.

New features and updates

Blankos Block Party now allows players to search for friends and send friend requests. Each user has a unique ID that can be used for sending and receiving friend requests. This feature is accessible through Social option in the game menu. When in the lobby, a pop-up comes on the screen of players for better communication. These pop-ups will show whether the Party Leader is selecting a Brawl or a Party Bus. There is also an update in the chat window to fit all messages inside the window.

Blankos Block Party Friend Search

Target Mode

This update also comes with a new game mode – Target Mode. Players have to destroy the target dummies using a gun in this mode. The player who hits the most number of dummies wins the game. This timed, PvE game is available both in Party Bus and Brawl.

Blankos Block Party Target Mode

New Brawl Maps

In the new update, 9 new parties are available in the Brawl Map rotation. Players have created these parties and they offer a wide variety of environments to play in. The new parties include N.O.O.B Town 2022, Cold Shot, Race Parties, Fantasy Fort V2, Vibe Parties, SOS Vibes, Blankos Daycare, Prezzie Adventure, and Topfrogger.

Other Updates

Some UI-specific updates include the “Game Objective”, which will now be displayed at the center of the screen for accessibility. A number of other bugfixes and changes have been made, such as a fixes for several animations and some build mode issues. Also, players can no longer take damage when the party is over, in the pre-match lobby or in the party-start countdown. In addition, a brand new Inventory page has been added, which displays a player’s accessories and emotes.

Read the official update post for the full list of changes.

Blankos Block Party Game Objective Update

What is Blankos Block Party game?

Blankos Block Party is an NFT-powered open-world multiplayer action game that allows players to equip character NFTs, personalize and upgrade characters and use them to earn rewards by completing daily combat challenges. The Blankos NFTs are the digital assets on EOSIO blockchain that players can own to play the game.

Players can sell the Blankos within the in-game Mythical Marketplace and customize them with loot and clothing. Blankos has two currencies – Blankos Bucks and Moola. By purchasing items from the in-game store, players can acquire Blanos Bucks, and by completing challenges and participating in giveaways, players can acquire Moola.

To learn more about the project check out our video review below and read our Blankos Block Party review and guide.

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