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Chicken Derby Implements Wearables

Chicken Derby wearables banner

No longer do your chickens have to race naked with the new implementation of wearables in Chicken Derby. Now those cute, racing, fowl can dress up in all sorts of costumes from pirates to witches and more! Chicken Derby wearables won’t affect the race outcome, but they will make your Chicken look cool!

Chicken Derby has been handing out wearable items for their Chicken racing game for many months. Now, players can finally put those items on their Chickens, and start racing in style!

Wearables for Chicken Derby are relatively limited items. Chicken Derby has not (yet) had a sale for wearables. Everything that you see in the marketplaces and on Chickens was acquired from a tournament or contest. In fact, there is currently an active contest right now (running through December 12th) that offers rewards to the top finishers including land plots, and a special, bacon hat (that will show those pigs who’s boss!)

equipping a chicken
equipping a chicken

Chickens can equip items in five slots — head, body, eyes, neck, and feet. Wearables have no effect on race results. These are cosmetic items only. Though it’s not inconceivable that future special events or tournaments may be restricted to Chickens wearing specific items.

The Chicken Derby team is also hoping to implement Seasons before the end of the month. And, sometime in early 2023, we should see the introduction of Chicken Fusion. Chicken Fusion will allow players to merge two Chickens into one, hopefully producing a stronger, better Chicken! We should learn more about this feature in the coming weeks.

a Chicken Derby race with many equipped wearables
a Chicken Derby race with many equipped wearables

What is Chicken Derby?

Chicken Derby is a chicken racing simulation built on the Polygon network. Each Chicken is a unique NFT that can be entered into races for paid prizes.

Chickens come in four Heritages — Serama, Sultan, Lakenvelder, and Dorkling, in order of rarity. In addition, there are a number of random cosmetic traits for each Chicken. Ranging from standard white feathers to tiger patterns to robot chickens! Every Chicken also has a special Talent that can trigger during races. This can be something as simple as a short flight, or as extreme as creating a black hole!

Chickens have Perfection ratings, which affect their race performances. All of the original Spicy breed Chickens have a Perfection Rating of at least 90%. But it’s not always the 100% Perfection Chicken who wins the race. Each Chicken also has hidden preferences for track distance and type as well as a Consistency rating. Players must discover these hidden preferences on their own.

With seven different terrain types, six different track lengths, and twelve Chickens per race, each with their own preferences, abilities, and racing styles, Chicken Derby features enough variation to ensure that the race outcomes won’t be predetermined. There are also a number of ‘Easter Egg’ type bonuses that the team adds to the official documentation once the community figures it out. For example, Chickens with Alien Eyes get a boost to their Teleport ability (if they have it).

alien eyes chicken derby banner
nothing unusual about these eyes

The game auto-generates races throughout the day, some free, most paid. Players enter their Chickens in a race, and once the race is full, anyone can watch the race unfold live, or view the replay later. Chicken Derby does not have a token. All entry fees and payments are made in WETH. Future, planned updates include Breeding to create new Chickens, land ownership, and a social hub.

To learn more about Chicken Derby, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat!

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