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User-Created Wearables in Cryptovoxels Next Week

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It looks like Cryptovoxels will finally allow users to create and mint their own digital fashion or wearables starting from next week. The developers removed the option amidst rising gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, and they now migrated their minting systems to the Polygon sidechain.

On their Twitter account Cryptovoxels mayor Ben Nolan wrote that he’s ‘pretty sure’ to enable minting on Monday. There will likely be some limitations, like for example the ability to only mint 5 items per day. In earlier discussion he played with the idea to only allow minting by those who own a plot of land. At the moment it’s unclear whether those plans are still in place.

When everybody’s able to mint wearables, only quality ones or wearables made by particular individuals will stand out from the crowd. An artist called Pxls has their own shoe and fashion brand, obviously made up out of voxels. There’s also ‘The Cult of the Eye’, consisting of Cryptovoxels avatars wearing a one-eyed green mask reminiscent of the illuminati logo, The Eye of Providence. The point is, it’s possible to stand out, become recognized, and turn your efforts into a fashion-brand in the metaverse.

If you’re interested, the screenshot is from The Loft, a digital store inside Cryptovoxels. You can visit here. In addition, if you’re wondering, yes we will also starting creating voxel shirts, pants and dresses. We can’t have everybody run around the festival naked… you need to wear some swag!

Digital fashion more relevant

At the moment digital fashion is a small business, but many people are working on it. As society is moving more into virtual environments, the need for digital representation is growing. Therefore having an avatar that looks good, could potentially be very important in the future. As a result digital fashion plays a crucial role here.

In blockchain-powered worlds like for example Somnium Space, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels the concept of wearables and digital fashion is growing in popularity. Even the iconic fashion brand Gucci is keeping an eye on the developments in this space. In addition Cryptovoxels recently announced their move to Polygon, allowing cheaper creation of wearables. In November games publisher Bandai Namco invested in avatar company Genies, underlining the potential for the personalization of digital identities.

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is best compared with games like Minecraft, in which players get to build all kinds of things. However, where Minecraft is purely a video game, Cryptovoxels allows for all kinds of utilities. Currently this virtual world is often home to virtual reality conferences and NFT art. On top of that users have true land ownership in this world, secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

Land value in Cryptovoxels has increased tremendously in the past years. Ben Nolan started developing his virtual world in 2018, and had a difficulty selling the land parcels he offered on a weekly basis. Nowadays land is selling fast and certain locations sell for $100,000 each on the secondary market.

Anybody can visit Cryptovoxels, from any device. Once they for example connect their Metamask wallet to the game, users can register user names, buy wearables, or even acquire a land parcel. Play to Earn uses Cryptovoxels as the home base of the Play to Earn Game Festival. The next event is planned for late June or early July, TBD.

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