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Star Atlas Plans Four Sales in Coming Months

Star Atlas Golden Era banner

In a time that sees many projects scaling back or delaying mints, Star Atlas bucks the trend by announcing four separate NFT sales — all coming within the next 2 months! Unfortunately, these sales are driven in part by a funding crisis caused by the FTX fiasco.

Star Atlas was hit hard by the FTX bankruptcy. In fact, they apparently used FTX as their primary exchange. Their CEO recently released a statement stating that roughly half of their working capital is now locked up in FTX, reducing their available development runway to 9 months to a year. But he promises that development will continue, and reiterated their dedication to the Solana blockchain.

So, while Star Atlas waits to potentially retrieve their locked funds and find additional investors, they have come up with a series of sales. Four sales in total, all expected to open over the next couple of months, all in USDC.

Star Atlas Titan ship
Star Atlas Titan ship

Titan Sale for Titan Prices

First up is the Titan Sale. Only three ships are available in the sale, one Titan for each of the factions — The Pearce T1, Busan โ€” The Last Stand mk. VIII, and the Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix Eventually, there will be three Titans of each class, plus three additional Titan classes that are not faction aligned, for a total of 18 Titans available in the galaxy.

The titan ships for this sale start at a discount of 80% with the discount decreasing every week for 4 weeks. And, I have to say, they certainly need a discount. Because these behemoths come with an equally sizable price!

The starting price for a Titan is $5 million dollars. That’s right, million! So, with the 80% discount, for the first week (and the first week only!) of the sale, Titans will cost a mere $1 million. They only go up in price from there!

One million is a pretty significant investment into this game. Especially given the current markets. This feels like a pretty big reach for Star Atlas.

And for 1 million dollars, you would expect significant number of perks. However, it seems that aside from owning an extremely rare ship NFT, all you get in addition is a unique skin, and a chance to earn more ATLAS tokens through their staking system. But, people have certainly spent more on less, so we’ll see what happens with this sale. No official date had been given yet, though they hope to begin it during the week of November 21st.

Star Atlas image

Ships, Claim Stakes, and Land Claims

Next up is a Special Ship Sale, also slated to begin the week of November 21st. This is basically an effort to clear out some inventory for ships that have not seen many buyers. This includes the Pearce D9, Ogrika Sunpaa, Busan Maiden Heart, Fimbul Mamba, Pearce R6, and Fimbul BYOS Tankship class ships.

This ship sale follows the same pattern as the Titan sale. An 80% discount the first week, with 10% removed from the discount in each of the following weeks for four weeks. After that, the ships revert to their regular price. In addition to picking up a ship at a discount, any sold during this sale receive a special, custom skin. For those who already purchased a ship at the regular price, they’ll receive a free bonus ship as a reward.

Then we have a Claim Stake sale. Claim Stakes are resource extractors. Players transport them to planets to lay claim to a plot and begin gathering the local resources. Claim Stakes come in five tiers, from common to legendary Each tier extracts the corresponding rarity of resource. This sale will also include mining drills, power plants, and space stations.

And finally, a sale for Central Space Station land claims. Basically, centralized housing. These land claims allow cargo storage and provide a crafting bonus. In the future, this will be fully customizable with command terminals, pet houses, landing pads, and other exciting items.

Six tiers of land claims, with higher tiers representing larger plots. All land plots from this sale come with a structure, though future lands sales will feature empty plots. These are land claims, not the actual property. There will be a future claiming process. Claims purchased during these early sales will have priority when selecting specific plots. Land purchasers also receive a free ship, based on the size of the plot, and a commemorative badge. In addition, early land owners will be whitelisted for future commercial plot sales.

Prices and dates for the Land Claim and Claim Stake sales have not yet been released.

Star Atlas central space station
Star Atlas central space station
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