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Fancy Birds Launches Sky Wars PvP Mode

Fancy Birds is the Flappy Bird of Web3, but with PvP and breath-taking air battles. This first look will cover the new game mode Fancy Birds: Sky Wars (PvP). The project interacts with the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains.

Fancy Birds just got more exciting now that players can shoot down their opponents in intense PvP air battles. Fire and dodge bullets to see who is the Top Gun in battles that take up to ten players. The game is available for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) and players can either use or rent an NFT Fancy bird or use a Free Bird.

The goal is to get a higher score by shooting down other birds. Each bird has three health points. Every time it gets hit it loses one health point. When it runs out of health points it dies, respawns and its killer gets one score point. Birds with less than three health points leave a trail behind and it is easier to track them. If a player crashes with his bird on the bottom of the screen he will lose one point in his score. But no points will be lost by being shot down or crashing against other birds.

Airdrops and Power-ups

Then, there are airdrops that make Sky Wars even more fun. Airdrops can either heal players’ birds or equip them with a sniper, allowing a player to shoot down another bird with one shot.

Besides this, players can craft power-ups that give bonuses before the battle begins. These power-ups can also be purchased from the Fancy Marketplace. Here are some examples:

  • Feeble Stick Shield – Protects from one hit per game (1 hour )
  • Sturdy Wood Shield – Protects from one hit per game (4 hours)
  • Guardians Shield – Protects from one hit per game (permanent)
  • 24h Memory Card – Protects from getting negative points when crashing in the bottom of the screen twice in each match
  • Potion – Switch Daily Quest
  • Magic Potion – Switch Daily or Weekly Quest
  • Slingshot – Additional hitpoint and adds a 50% chance to deal double damage with one shot (1 hour)

These power-ups provide certain advantages in-game and will help players climb the ranking system faster. But skill is the predominant factor in being successful in Sky Wars.

Fancy Birds: Sky Wars PvP Mode

Besides Sky Wars, players can also engage in other activities like feeding their birds, doing quests, and breeding.

What is Fancy Birds?

Fancy Birds is the first game created by Fancy Studios and it is somehow identical to the web2 title Flappy birds. In a PvE game mode, players must dodge obstacles with their birds and try to reach the treehouse. Then, there is PvP where players fight each other in intense air battles. Each player’s bird can shoot projectiles at the other birds to take them down. Players can also use power-ups and items to make their birds stronger and more efficient.

Earning, Tokens and NFTs

As a web3 game it has two crypto tokens:

  • $sFNC – Breeding, Buying seeds and Staking to get $FNC
  • $FNC – Governance, Staking

Then, there are also the NFT birds which can be purchased through Open Sea or the Fancy Marketplace. The game is free to play, but if a player does not own a bird he will not earn while playing. Some of these birds can also be used in breeding. Players can get a baby bird by paying a fee and matching two birds. Breeding only works with two of the 8,888 available Genesis birds. The fee depends on the bird’s tier. Sometimes, there are events that can only be played with a Baby Bird.

Players must also feed seeds to their NFT birds to earn $sFNC when playing or when renting. If the bird is hungry there will be no rewards. Different tiers of NFT birds will stay fed with one seed for different periods of time.

  • Genesis Bird: 9 days
  • S1 Baby Bird: 7 days
  • S2 Baby Bird: 5 days
  • S3 Baby Bird: 5 days

In Fancy Birds, players can earn by doing daily and weekly quests and participating in tournaments where an entry fee is required.

Fancy Birds Daily and Weekly Quests
Fancy Birds Daily and Weekly Quests

About Fancy Studios

Fancy Studios has only released Fancy Birds, but they are already working on other titles. Some of these titles are Project Cardinal, Project Robin, and Project Atoms. On their official website, they mention the $FNC token, which is the same token that can be earned in Fancy Birds. They also mention that this token will be used in the ‘Fancyverse’.

This gives me the impression that they might be trying to build an ecosystem with one token that has utility on all their titles. Something like ImmutableX. On their Roadmap, it is also mentioned an ‘SDK development’, which confirms my theory. Fancy Studios currently have a team of 11 members, accordingly to their LinkedIn profile, and they are ‘all in’ in Web3Gaming.