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Phantom Galaxies Introduces Proof of Experience NFT

Phantom Galaxies Proof of Experience NFT banner

The play and earn, Astrafite Rush event for Phantom Galaxies is underway. And, for active players, they have introduced a new ‘Proof of Experience’ NFT that tracks players’ progression and participation in the event. This NFT will be used to claim rewards when the event ends.

The Phantom Galaxies Proof of Experience NFT, called the Astrafite Rush: Progress Tracker, tracks a player’s progress through the event and records it onto the blockchain. This includes stats such as amount of Astrafite mined, number of Fire Dancer Pirates defeated, leaderboard rank for each Cycle, and current token rewards earned.

This NFT will be dropped to every player who contributes during an event Cycle. Players who already hold the NFT will have their NFT updated with their most recent stats.

The Astrafite Rush event ends on December 14th. The Phantom Galaxies team will give a one week grace period for players to login to the website and save their progress. After that, the NFTs will no longer save any additional data. The window closes on December 21st. Also, at that time, the NFTs become unlocked and tradeable.

Astrafite Rush Cycle 2 banner
currently in Cycle 2 of the Astrafite Rush event

Claim Rewards with the Progress Tracker NFT

Astrafite rewards from the event will not begin distribution until January 4th, allowing players a chance to buy or sell their Progress Tracker NFTs. On January 4th, the claim page opens and players can begin claiming their rewards. Rewards are tied to the NFT and vest out over 10 months, 10% per month. Interestingly, the Astrafite rewards are in 10 distinct payments. This means that the NFT can be sold at any point, andt the current owner will always be able to claim any future rewards. IE, if I claim the first two months of rewards, and then sell the NFT, the buyer can start claiming any future monthly rewards allotted to that NFT.

This is a neat way to encapsulate a player’s participation level into a simple NFT package, and allow them to monetize it if they wish. And since KYC may be required in order to claim rewards (still awaiting official word on this), some players may not want to provide their personal information. With the Progress Tracker NFT, they can trade it to someone else and still have a play and earn experience.

What is Astrafite Rush?

Astrafite Rush is a play and earn event in closed alpha for Phantom Galaxies. This event runs in a series of six Cycles. Each one lasts for one week. At the end of every Cycle, players must visit the official Phantom Galaxies website to save their progress. Players can also view their status and current rewards on the webpage as well.

Each Cycle begins a new leaderboard, with players ranked based on how quickly they complete the event objectives. At the end of the Cycle, players in the top 10,000 spots receive rewards. Players receive ASTRAFER tokens based on their placement. In addition, everyone in the top 10K receives 5 ASTRAFER per Cycle if the community goals are met. And finally, Planet holders receive a bonus multiplier based on the Planet(s) they own. The bonuses from owning multiple Planets do stack together.

Astrafite is found in asteroids, with a special ‘Starlight’ asteroid appearing each cycle which contains huge amounts of the ore. Asteroids have a finite Astrafite supply that replenishes with each Cycle. However, asteroids will also have their locations changed between Cycles, giving everyone equal opportunity at finding them.

Fire Dancers are a new Pirate faction that will arrive with this update. Players score points for every Fire Dancer ship they destroy. Defeating Pirates from other factions won’t count towards the leaderboard rankings for this event.

Players must complete the first three Episodes of content in Phantom Galaxies before they can participate in the Astrafite Rush event! So if you haven’t already finished those Episodes, you might want to download the game and get started!

Playing in the Phantom Galaxies closed alpha requires ownership of any Origin NFT.

at a station in Phantom Galaxies
at a station in Phantom Galaxies
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