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Phantom Galaxies Airdrop Snapshot for Free NFT Happening Soon

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Gamers who are interested in a free airdrop for the upcoming mecha game Phantom Galaxies, will need to visit the website and link their wallet. They will take a snapshot of all connected wallets on Monday, November 22nd at 11:59PM. Soon after the airdrop will take place.

A snapshot is a moment in time on the blockchain, allowing anybody to see which cryptocurrency wallet connected to a certain dapp. This allows Blowfish Studios to determine which gamers showed early interest in their game. This citizens of the metaverse will receive an airdrop, or gift. In this case airdrop will be an NFT that players will be able to use inside Phantom Galaxies.

The game is all about mechas, as players need to protect human colonies in space. Players pick a ranger and a Mechanized Starfighter to battle against the Sha’Har, a mysterious and hostile civilization. The mechs can fight on land, transform, and then battle in space as well. Players can customize their mechs and spaceships, and it looks like all mechs, ships, avatars and equipment will be NFTs.

Animoca announced the game in September. Phantom Galaxies will come to pc and consoles next year. First there will be an early access test for the dedicated fans, followed by a beta by the end of 2022. Phantom Galaxies will see its first NFT collectibles drop later this year together with the first game utility NFTs. Early 2022 there will be the Starfighter NFT drop and the generative avatars, followed by the Early Access game launch in Spring 2022.

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