The Care Bears Avatars are Coming to The Sandbox

Care Bears Avatars in The Sandbox

The Sandbox has announced the launch of Care Bears Avatars that can be used to play games and earn SAND tokens. The sale of Care Bears NFTs will start on November 15, 2022, for normal users and 24 hours prior for whitelisted users. The collaboration between The Sandbox and Care Bears started in 2020. Since then, The Sandbox players and experience makers can explore and use themed in-game assets in their game worlds. 

Care Bears Avatars

The Care Bears are cute-looking and colorful digital characters with unique features and functionalities. The collection consists of 3060 unique playable Avatars that can be used in various events and games held in The Sandbox metaverse. Each Avatar is unique and consists of over 100 hand-crafted traits and designs. 

This is the largest Care Bears collection created to date, with over 30 types, 5 rarity levels, and 10 special designs. The five rarity levels include unique, web3, mixed, multicolor, classic, and special. Additionally, players can use the Avatars to unlock new features and experiences within the Universe.

Care Bears Avatars

To buy a Care Bears NFT Avatar, players can create an account on The Sandbox and keep enough SAND and MATIC tokens to mint the avatars. The avatars can be minted on minting page of The Sandbox. Once the minting is finished on OpenSea marketplace, it will be displayed on your Sandbox dashboard after 48 hours. 

Each Avatar costs 100 SAND tokens. The public sale will start on November 15, 2022. However, whitelisted users can access the sale 24 hours before. A snapshot was taken on November 13, 2022, at 2 PM UTC; at that time if you hold any of the NFTs mentioned below, you are a whitelisted user and can mint a maximum of 2 avatars 24 hours before the official minting starts:

  • Care Bears Forever (
  • The Sandbox LAND
  • The Doggies Avatar
  • People of Crypto Avatar
  • Steve Aoki Avatar
  • Kuniverse Avatar
  • Winning one of our Twitter contests can also give you early access to mint your NFT.

After the initial sale, players can purchase as many avatars as they want and sell them on the OpenSea marketplace.

What is Care Bears?

Care Bears was a popular franchise of the 90s that included video games, books, toys, and classic animated TV series. Cloudco Entertainment, the global distributor of Care Bears, partnered with The Sandbox in 2020 to bring the favorite animated characters to The Sandbox metaverse. Cloudco also received large digital LANDS on The Sandbox for Care-a-Lot kingdom exclusively for Care Bears fans. 

The Sandbox also has the right to produce and distribute Care Bears-inspired digital in-game assets created by game developers. This year, a game jam was held for the same in which players created assets related to Care Bears and won $SAND tokens as rewards. In addition, players can explore the Care-a lot world inside The Sandbox and use their Avatars to meet, chat and interact with other players, visit attractions and buildings and play mini-games.

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