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Mint Kuni Avatars for Sandbox

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We’ve seen a lot of celebrities come and go in the blockchain space, but most don’t get involved with the gaming side of things. However, Sergio “Kun” Aguero, a former Argentinian, professional football player, is launching ‘Kuniverse’ in The Sandbox and a set of avatars to go along with it! The mint for Kuni avatars is now open!

For anyone that is interested in a special Sergio “Kun” Aguero avatar, the mint for them is now open! The Kuniverse avatar collection consists of 9,320 randomly generated avatars, usable in The Sandbox. These avatars cost 100 SAND tokens, and each wallet can mint as many as 10.

Owners can use these as avatars when playing in The Sandbox. But Kuni has plans for a much broader selection of perks for holders. This includes access to exclusive social media channels and entry to private events where owners can interact directly with Kun Agüero, opportunities for special rewards and NFT drops, and even chances to enter raffles for signed equipment.

benefits of Kuni avatars
benefits of Kuni avatars

These avatars are generative, with nine different traits. From hair to pants, to skin tone, each trait is randomly generated at mint, with some traits rarer than others. In addition, there are a number of specially designed, 1/1 avatars that can be found when minting. Three of those have been found so far.

The Kuniverse Sandbox experience is scheduled to open on November 6th.

samples of Kuni avatars
samples of Kuni avatars

The mint is still open as of the writing of this article. But, if you miss this mint, or just prefer to pick out an avatar with traits that you want, you can check Open Sea for secondary sales.

The Sandbox and Partnerships

The Sandbox has become very popular among sports celebrities. For example, renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk launched his virtual skate park for fans on The Sandbox. Also, Stan Wawrinka, the three-time Grand Slam champion, joined the NFT space by launching the “Ballman Project” on The Sandbox, an NFT collection of 5555 unique digital tennis players that give owners a chance to play in virtual tennis tournaments and win prizes.

The number of organizations and celebrities participating in The Sandbox continues to grow. And, at some point in the not too distant future, there won’t be anymore more new Sandbox lands for sale!

More About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a collection of user-created gaming and social experiences consisting of plots of varying sizes made of voxel-based blocks. Landowners build and customize their own experiences with block editing, hand-crafted assets, and a built-in scripting language. These virtual lands become adventures, virtual shops — whatever their owners can imagine and build!

For those interested in creating games or game assets, The Sandbox provides free tools for that. Using VoxEdit, creators build voxel-based objects for use in-game. Additionally, with the Game Maker users can build all sorts of interactive experiences with free assets, their own creations, or owned Sandbox NFTs.

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here.

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