DragonMaster Announces $3,000 Tournament and More Prizes in Season 7

DragonMaster’s season 6 officially ended on October 15th, and the team is already setting up the next to be even more epic. Alongside season 7, the team is running a $3,000 USDT tournament on Community Gaming and launched the DragonMaster Treasure Hunt feature.

DragonMaster is known for its high-stake season events, and the last one granted prizes to over 800 people. However, the team is not done, and the new season will reward even higher prices, and most likely for more gamers overall.

Together with season 7, DragonMaster opened the registration for a new tournament available to everyone, regardless of their NFTs or budget. It’s absolutely free to join and will reward top players and guilds.

Some rewards will include Angel Dragons, the new type of dragon featuring a 3.6-4.5 second invisibility and increased attack power by 22%-28% at its last moment of HP. Fighting with 4 angel dragons of different sizes at the same time will also give 1s invulnerability buff to your team.

DragonMaster Tournament

The DragonMaster Tournament, with a maximum number of 1024 participants, will feature several rounds of 1v1 single-elimination matches until the Top16 is determined.

Players can use any dragon to participate in tournaments. If the player does not have dragons, they can also enter the tournament by using the free white dragons. In addition, players can also rent some dragons through the rental market on DragonMaster’s official website to make their team stronger and improve their chances of winning.

Each match in the preliminary round will be played in a best-of-three (BO3) format, and the round of Top16 to the Final will be played in a best-of-five (BO5) format.

Multiple registrations are prohibited. Users caught using multiple IPs will not be able to participate in the preliminary round.

The tournament has a total prize of $3000, distributed as $2000 for the standard participants, and $1000 dedicated to guild events. The more participating members in the guild, the more opportunities to get rewards.

To participate in the tournament: 

  1. Download the game for free on your iOS or Android device
  2. Finish the tutorial and get familiar with the core mechanics. The whitepaper might help with the onboarding; 
  3. Register for the tournament using this form
  4. Join the Discord channel to communicate with other participants. Make sure your username matches the one on CommunityGaming, where the tournament is hosted, to avoid confusion.

If you’re representing a guild, make sure to specify that in the form and instruct all guild members to register to mention the name of the guild.

Tournament Prizes

Players outside of guilds compete for the $2000 and the top16 players will receive:

1st500 USDT
2nd400 USDT
3rd 300 USDT
4th 200 USDT
5th – 8th 80 USDT
9th – 16th 35 USDT

In addition to monetary prizes, guilds and their members in a winning position will receive an Angel Dragon Four-Egg box and might also be awarded a certificate of honor: 

1st place300 USDT + Angel Dragon Four-Egg box * 3 + Certificate of Honor NFT
2nd place200 USDT + Angel Dragon Four-Egg box * 2
3rd place100 USDT + Angel Dragon Four-Egg box * 1

The DragonMaster Treasure Hunt

Another new feature in DragonMaster is the Lucky Draw which can be found on the app home screen. Enter the Lucky Draw for chances to win rare props or extra Lucky Draw entries. Each draw costs 50 TOTEM, or 225 TOTEM for 5 draws. The game also includes weekly tasks and the team promises more rewards in future updates. You can learn more about the new features and the prizes in this medium post.

Season 7 Twitter Giveaway

The newly introduced Angel Dragons are already entering people’s hearts and meta compositions. To celebrate the dragon type, DragonMaster is running a giveaway on Twitter ending on the 31st of October.

The team will release 20 Egg Boxes if they reach 40k fans in October, but only 10 boxes if the goal isn’t achieved by the end of the giveaway.

Giving people even more chances to get in before season 7 and build up a powerful team is a great idea to spark engagement. We’re positive about the initiative, which might bump up the value of their native $DTM token on the market.

What is DragonMaster?

DragonMaster is the first blockchain-based Metaverse game that blends RTS, MOBA, Collection, and Play to Earn gameplay.

DragonMaster now allows anyone to join the game for free! Just with 1 phone, you can enjoy the game easily! Each player gets a free lovely set of white dragon teams when they enter the game. They can be rewarded with tokens through in-game tasks or in other ways.

To learn more about the game and get started, visit and follow the official Twitter account.

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