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DragonMaster Is Now Free To Play with a 236,000 $DMT Prize Pool

DragonMaster has been in development for most of 2022 and is now ready to be tried for free by mobile gamers on Android and iOS. The game already counts over 60,000 active users. Let’s take a look at all the recent updates.

In DragonMaster, a team of 4 dragons of different sizes (S / M / L / XL) fights to win the hegemony on the battlefield. Bigger dragons can push smaller ones towards their leaders and inflict HP damage, while smaller dragons are typically stealthier and damage from afar. The goal is to drain the opponent’s HP to zero.

Small to XL dragons in Dragon Master - NFT game
This is your starting squad as a free player

Dragons in the game represent the main NFTs, although gems have been introduced in the current season. All Dragons have special skills and a durability counter. Each fight consumes 1 energy and 1 durability. If you want to learn more, refer to their whitepaper.

Their retention rate is also up thanks to many initiatives for newbies. New players can grab up to 30,000 DMT by simply showing up daily and completing missions.

With the latest game release, featuring breeding v2.0 and a revamped system for burning NFTs, DragonMaster kickstarted Season 6 of their ranking system. The developers are committed to having tournaments run every month.

DragonMaster Season 6: 236,000 DMT Prize Pool

DragonMaster Season 6 is a tournament-based event where players fight to rank higher on the leaderboard. The total prize pool for Season 6 is 236,000 $DMT, with first place taking home 9,000 $DMT, currently valued at $360.

Additionally, the team increased the chances to place in a winning position. In Season 5, only the top 600 players got any rewards, while in Season 6 up to 800 gamers will receive some sort of prize. The smallest at the time of writing is 5,000 DMT (=$2). 

The value of both in-game tokens, $DMT and $TOTEM, is on the rise. It’s highly likely the value of the prize will be higher at the end of the season.

To increase your win rate in DragonMaster, you must understand your dragons. Each dragon has a different set of skills and fits into specific team compositions. Your starting dragons won’t be NFTs and won’t have any unique ability.

If you want to increase your chances in the Arena, buy a dragon from the marketplace, or rent one from your inventory. You can rent a dragon for as many days as you need, even just one.

Breed Your Dragons & Burning Mechanics

The new season comes packed with a completely revamped breeding system. All core mechanics are detailed in the official announcement on Medium.

In the past, Dragons were bred in a very similar fashion to the old system of Axie Infinity. Two parent dragons can produce offspring, and they can do so up to 5 times (breeding count). After that, they become useless as breeding material, theoretically bumping up the market for new Dragons. 

However, the developers quickly realized this was a road to failure. Just like it didn’t work for Axie Infinity, it was likely it wouldn’t have worked for them either. 

In the new live version of the game, the breeding system now requires 100 $DMT + a variable amount of $TOTEM depending on the Dragon’s breed count. The offspring randomizer can be influenced by the use of “Gems”. 

Breeding Gems in the Dragon Master Marketplace

DragonMaster released three types of gems, each modifying the probability of one of the Dragon’s attributes for the offspring. Gems are NFTs and can be exchanged in the marketplace.

  • Sapphire NFT: When hatching, it can increase the probability of the child’s size.
  • Ruby NFT: When hatching, it can increase the probability of the child’s class.
  • Topaz NFT: When hatching, it can increase the probability of the child’s quality.

In addition, Gems can be upgraded. Each upgrade can fail, produce a variation, or level up the gem. This process is referred to as “Gem synthesis”. Depending on the outcome, the player will receive a different gem, or nothing:

  • Upgrade: burning tokens and the original gems, and then get a higher-level gem
  • Variation: burn tokens and the original gem, and then get a double-level gem
  • Failure: only burn tokens, but not original gems

Lastly, breeding v2.0 adds utility for Dragons that reached the last breeding count (5/5). These dragons can now be bred with other 5/5 or lower dragons and return an egg.

DragonMaster Airdrop Coming in October

DragonMaster will run an Airdrop to celebrate the updated breeding system’s release. The prizes you receive will depend on the number of NFTs and tokens held by the player.

There’s no set date for the Airdrop, but the team is actively engaged in all main platforms. You can follow them on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. The Airdrop will be announced simultaneously on all three.

A New Era For Lemuria

Dragon Master Cover Image

With the introduction of a free-to-play version, great tokenomics incentivized by burning NFTs, and an active community of 60,000+ players across Android and iOS, DragonMaster is conquering the hearts of many. 

We’re happy to see the team keeps pushing sensible and packed updates. We’re sure their community, just like the Play and Earn movement as a whole, welcomes these new edits. 

DragonMaster is a game to keep on your watchlist. Here at Play to Earn Magazine, we’ll keep talking about them and play with our cute, but powerful, Dragons!

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