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Civitas Reveals Additional Chosen Utility

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Having already started their airdrops of Ever Crystals, the Civitas team laid out all of the planned perks and bonuses for owners of Chosen NFTs. These particular NFTs can be considered as Founder Tokens, with plenty of advantages, both in-game and out-of-game.

Chosen are a selection of special character NFTs for Civitas. They consist of four archetypes, Zola, Ninşiku, Bhaltair, K-47, Suong, and M42111N. These are PFP style, generative character NFTs that offer a number of bonuses to those who hold them.

First off, a perk that has already begun — airdrops. Owners of Chosen NFTs receive monthly airdrops of Ever Crystals. Ever Crystals will be used in the game to buff up land plots. Crystals exist as NFTs, so players can freely sell and trade them.

Chosen holders also have access to exclusive community channels, and will be part of the early access playtest in Q1 of 2023. Chosen are needed to play certain portions of the augmented reality / geo-location portion of the game. They also provide additional rewards from mini-games and other reward-based activities.

The initial mint for the Chosen has ended, but interested players can buy them on Open Sea. Some of the archetypes have not yet been revealed, and these show as ‘Arriving from the Ever’. The details for these unrevealed NFTs should be unveiled over the coming weeks.

utility of Chosen NFTs
utility of Chosen NFTs

Chosen Bonuses In-Game

As for in-game utility, Chosen provide Blessings to cities. These Blessings are unique to each archetype, last only for a limited time, and include a cooldown between uses. Cities will want to have as many Blessings active as they can get, which should create a demand for Chosen.

Chosen also open up the option of Expeditions. Expeditions allow players to find resources and NFTs that are normally only accessible via the augmented reality portion of the game. Players may send multiple Chosen on an Expedition to increase the odds of good rewards. In addition, players need Chosen for crafting and other land related tasks. Players may own and use multiple Chosen NFTs in order to get more done. For those who don’t want to use their Chosen, there will also be a rental market via a Job Board. This gives access to Chosen characters to those who don’t own one of the NFTs, and potentially provide passive income to those who do.

Zola, a Chosen archetype
Zola, a Chosen archetype

What is Civitas?

Civitas is a cooperative, competitive, multiplayer city-building game. Players group together in cities, construct buildings on their plots, harvest goods, engage in an augmented reality experience to find special resources, and work with other players to make their city the biggest and the best!

Players gather resources, construct buildings, and craft items on their land plots. They can also experience the world through an augmented reality app on their phone. The AR functionality opens up mini-games and the chance to find unique resources. The game will be free to play, though to participate in the governance and decisions of your city, you will need to own a plot of land.

Each city functions as a mini-DAO, called a subDAo in the Civitas whitepaper, with players voting on various governance options within their city. Though there is no direct PvP in Civitas, there will be leaderboards and competition for bragging rights. Each city has a tower that inhabitants of that city can visit. Inside they can find stats and info about their city, as well as potential quests and other DAO-related business.

Civitas features unique PFP NFTs that also function as 3d game avatars. It will also have its own token, called CITI.

Civitas expects to have the first land mint before the end of 2022, with alpha gameplay potentially opening in early 2023.

Civitas gameplay teaser
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