Sega’s First Blockchain Game to Launch on Oasys Blockchain

Sega Corporation Announced First Blockchain Game

Sega Corporation, the legendary video game company, has partnered with Double Jump Tokyo to release the blockchain-based version of Sangokushi Taisen. The game will be built on Oasys, an eco-friendly high-speed blockchain built for gamers.

Double Jump Tokyo is given Sega’s IP license for building the blockchain version of Sangokushi Taisen, which was initially released in March 2005. The digital collectible card arcade game is based on the three kingdoms of Chinese History.

Sega enters the blockchain gaming space

Sega’s CEO Haruki Satomi expressed his concern last year, indicating caution around the adoption of NFTs due to the widespread negative backlash of gamers towards NFTs during that time. But recently, the company registered a trademark for Sega NFT and has started its work on building its first blockchain game.

The new game will be based on the Sangokushi Taisen franchise, initially published by Sega in 2005. The real-time card game allowed two opponents to attack each other’s castles by building a deck of cards before the start of the game. Over 500 million trading cards were shipped for the hybrid physical and digital collectible game. 

SEGA - Sangokushi Taisen Game Franchise Artwork
Sangokushi Taisen Game Franchise Artwork

Due to its card feature, Sangokushi Taisen has vast potential in the NFT and blockchain gaming market by tokenizing the cards. The developers have not yet announced any game mechanics, but it is expected that some of the game’s assets, such as cards, will be tokenized. Players could buy the NFT cards and use them in the battles.

The developers have selected Oasys Blockchain to support the game’s blockchain infrastructure. Oasys is a proof-of-stake network offering zero gas fee transactions and high speed and scalability. They also support major game developers such as Square Enix, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, among others. The blockchain game title will be released on Oasys’ Layer 2 blockchain “HOMEverse” by Double Jump Tokyo.

“With a unique architecture optimized for blockchain games, Oasys aims to solve obstacles for gamers, offering fast transactions and zero gas fees and providing users with a more comfortable gameplay experience.”

– Hironobu Ueno, CEO and founder of Double Jump Tokyo

About Sega Corporation

Sega Corporation is a global pioneer in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The firm creates, produces, and sells a wide range of games for consoles, PCs, and wireless devices, as well as arcade machines, merchandise, and numerous other things. Furthermore, through its global publishing hubs, SEGA distributes a variety of gaming material generated by its domestic and international studios across the world.

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