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Grab a Piece of the Road in the Nova Rally Track Sale

Nova Rally track sale banner

Nova Rally opens the first phase of their track piece sale on October 7th. Owning a section of a race track entitles the holder to certain entertainment proceeds from races, as well as other potential benefits in future updates.

Nova Rally is currently a web-based racing game with no visuals. But that should change in the near future, as the team has been hard at work preparing generative, 3D races that should be fun to watch as well as participate in, even though participation is passive. But what’s even more fun than watching an entertaining race? How about owning a part of the race track, and earning income when exciting things happen in your section?

Well if that interests you, soon you will have a chance to make your first investment. The first 550 track segments go up for sale on October 7th, 8pm UTC. They will be for sale in the official Nova Rally Store for 45 million SNAKEOIL each. Once this initial offering sells out, additional sales utilizing CHARM and SCRAP tokens as currency will open.

sample Nova Rally track piece
sample Nova Rally track piece

Each track in Nova Rally is split into 100 pieces or segments. The team plans to build 10 tracks, so 10,000 track segments in all.

The game can track pretty much everything that happens on each segment of track during a race. And the reason for this is to give rewards in the form of CHARM tokens to track owners when something interesting happens on a segment they own. This can be crashes, passes, lead changes, etc.

Tracks are not live yet unfortunately, so owners won’t be able to open their packs for a while. This system should kick into gear after 3D races are released and tweaked.

What is Nova Rally?

cosmetic Driver statue
cosmetic Driver statue

Nova Rally is a sci-fi, passive racing game, built on the WAX blockchain. In it, players field teams are made up of one Car and two Drivers. The teams compete in races, earning CHARM tokens based on how well they place.

Players need fuel to race, in the form of SNAKEOIL. Players earn SNAKEOIL simply by owning Nova Rally NFTs. Cars and Drivers earn experience as they race and can rank up to Intermediate, Veteran, and Master levels. Each rank produces a new type of fuel, which is needed to race NFTs of that rank. IE, racing a Master level Car requires using SNAKEVENOM, which is only generated by owning Master level NFTs. Honestly, the multi-tiered fuel system feels needlessly complex, but basically, unless you want to purchase the fuel you need to race, you’ll want to have a stable of Cars and Drivers.

Ranking NFTs up requires burning three of the same NFT, creating a deflationary system for the existing NFTs. Higher-ranked races pay out more in prizes.

Nova Rally also features a Death Rally race option. Contestants who enter this will likely die (the bottom 95% of the racers have their Driver NFTs burned!), but the winner receives a special trophy as well as a Driver’s Manual, which lets players rank up their Drivers and Cars without having to burn extra NFTs in the process.

The game is pretty basic at the moment, but the Nova Rally has big plans for 3D races, customizations, upgrades, weapons, team ownership, tournaments, a rental system, and more!

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