Cometh Adds New Mining Mechanism to Spaceships

cometh radioactive comet meteor MUST mining

Cometh has launched a new mechanism to their mining game, which allows rover robots to start mining on radioactive meteors. Spaceships themselves can’t mine from these special meteors, and therefore they depend on the Machinery attribute to drop a mining rover on the asteroid.

Players can only place these mining rovers on radioactive meteors. Players need to be close to the meteor to drop their rover, and it then automatically starts mining. There can only be a limited amount of rovers on a meteor. Every radioactive comet has a reward pool of $1,000 in MUST tokens. A rover can earn $0,41 per hour, and a radioactive comet can carry 100 rovers. As a result a meteor can be empty after 24 hours and 20 minutes, if every rover starts mining the moment it spawns… which obviously never happens.

While the rover is busy, players can fly their spaceship to other planets and mine there. The top-right notification interface will keep players up-to-date about the performances of the rover. Players need to make sure that they pick up their rover in time, but when the comet runs out of resources it will explode. The rover will then return to the spaceship, but without resources.

What is Cometh?

Cometh is a space game, but above all it’s gamified DeFi product. They describe themselves as a ‘DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT’. Active players can mine MUST tokens using their NFT spaceships. A share of every NFT purchase goes directly in the MUST pools for the game. That way Cometh really is a mix from a game and a DeFi product.

No matter whether you look at Cometh from an investment or gaming perspective, the promise is quite cool. You control a spaceship, and you need to position it to mine tokens. Navigating the galaxy can be done by ‘linking up’ with other spaceships. When other players use your spaceship, you earn MUST. The good thing about the game is that it runs entirely on a layer2 solution, Polygon blockchain to be precise. So there won’t be any crazy gas fees. 

Recently Cometh already introduced multiple solar systems. That way the game can deal with the influx of new players into their DeFi ecosystem.

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