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Nova Rally Teases Launch Date for Next Week

Nova Rally driver NFT upgrade on Wax blockchain

Nova Rally released an updated whitepaper earlier this week and teased us with a launch date. Though there doesn’t seem to be any official announcement yet, the new Nova Rally trailer displays a date of September 18th at the end of the video.

Nova Rally is a racing simulation game built on the Wax blockchain. Players choose a car and two drivers, enter them into a race against other players, and then wait to see the race results. Prizes are awarded to the top three finishers of each race

Players use a token called SNAKEOIL to enter races. Earn SNAKOIL simply by owning any Nova Rally NFTs. No action required on your part, aside from visiting the Nova Rally website every once in a while and clicking the claim button. And if you don’t want to race, you can sell the SNAKEOIL token on the Alcor Exchange as passive income.

But for those interested in Nova Rally as a game, the newly released whitepaper provides much more detail on how the racing system works.

Racing in Nova Rally

There are four Leagues of races: Rookie, Intermediate, Veteran, and Master. All of the Nova Rally NFTs begin the game as Rookie level cards, and gain experience for winning. Once an NFT reaches ten wins, they can promote to the Intermediate League, and begin generating a new type of token called Snake Gas. The entry fees for the Intermediate League require Snake Gas rather than Snake Oil. In order to promote a Nova Rally NFT, you must burn three NFTs of the same type, one of which has enough experience for promotion.

Racing in the Intermediate League requires three promoted NFTs (one car and two drivers). And so it continues on up through Master League. Each higher League requiring a certain number of wins in the lower tier, promoted drivers and cars, and the appropriate gas tokens generated by those promoted NFTs.

Players win Shadow Shards from races. Players combine these Shards to create car and driver NFTs. Perhaps to replace those who did not survive the Death Rally!

Death Rally

Not for the faint of heart, the Death Rally race runs once a day. Anyone and everyone may enter. But, as the race’s name might suggest, there will be some death involved. Anyone who does not finish in the top 5%, will have their driver NFTs burned. That’s right, 95% of the players who enter the Death Rally permanently lose two driver NFTs!

Their cars are flagged as damaged and cannot be used in a race until repaired, which costs 100,000 SNAKOIL.

The winner of the Death Rally receives a special trophy NFT, a Driver’s Manual NFT, and an invite into the Nova Rally championship race at the end of the season. The Driver’s Manual can be used to promote an NFT without having to burn other cards.

Nova Rally Drivers Manual NFT

Additional Partnerships

Nova Rally partnered with several other projects on the Wax blockchain to provide an additional passive income source. This time, in the form of a token called BOOST. BOOST provides a one-time bonus in a race, though it also comes with a chance of backfiring.

Players who own NFTs from Oliveland, Promo Planet, and Dark Country (lands), may claim their BOOST at any time on the Nova Rally website.

Nova Rally offers other features such as garages and Mechanic Mastermind. Visit their official site and read the documentation to learn more!

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