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Play and Earn with Undead Blocks Genesis Tournament

Undead Blocks tournament banner

Kill zombies for fun and profit in the upcoming tournament from Undead Blocks! And though this tournament can only be played with Genesis NFTs, Undead Blocks includes an NFT rental system that will let players, borrow, play, and earn!

The upcoming Undead Blocks Spring Cleaning Genesis Tournament will run from April 28th through April 30th.

For this tournament, players have ten minutes to fight the zombie hordes. Each player starts with a knife and pistol, though they can buy weapons during the match as long as they hold the Genesis NFT for that weapon. This particular tournament will only allow Genesis weapons, not items from the Apocalypse set.

For those who don’t own any Genesis weapons, there is an option to rent. Renters who win rewards from the tournament will automatically have their winnings split with the NFT owners based on the percentage detailed in the rental contract.

a few weapon loadout options
a few weapon loadout options

And while killing zombies is the name of the game, what players actually want to do in this tournament is collect the ZBOXes that drop from slain zombies. These boxes contain ZBUX, and have a higher chance to spawn as more zombies are killed. When the round is over (either through time running out or player death), the total amount of ZBUX earned is counted and marked as the player’s score. Each player’s highest score goes onto the leaderboard, so multiple attempts are allowed.

And even if you don’t earn any rewards from the leaderboard, you still get to keep all the ZBUX you find!

Undead Blocks gameplay
scoring those ZBUX!

What is Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks is a free to play, play and earn, survival FPS, zombie shooter game running on the Ethereum network. In Undead Blocks, players fight against zombies for rewards. Players earn points for killing zombies, which they can use during a match to upgrade weapons. However, they can only upgrade to weapons they hold as NFTs. Undead Blocks does include an NFT rental system. So you don’t have to actually own any NFTs to play and earn. Undead Blocks also offers a co-op multiplayer option.

Players can participate in daily challenges and missions to attain a top position on the daily leaderboard, earning Gold ZBUX tokens in the process. Players can also earn daily with Undead Blocks by playing, defeating zombies, and finding ZBOXes in-game as loot which contain a random amount of ZBUX. ZBUX is an off-chain reward currency that allows players to upgrade weapon load-outs, purchase loot boxes, exchange Gold ZBUX for currency, and more.

$UNDEAD is the official token of Undead Blocks, and there is a maximum supply of 500M tokens. The game is currently in open beta, is free-to-play, and available for PC and Mac. Undead Blocks plans to add more maps, more weapons, and game modes as they work towards an official launch.

To learn more about Undead Blocks, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Undead Blocks gameplay
kill to earn
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