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Airdrop and Staking for Genesis League Sports

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Genesis League Sports, an offshoot of Splinterlands, began airdropping their GLX, or Genesis League Governance Tokens, to those staking SPS tokens. And though it’s not live at the time of this article, they expect to have the first version of their own staking program up soon as well.

GLS began airdropping their GLX tokens onto SPS stakers at the end of October (on October 25th to be exact). The airdrops happen daily and last for one year. No need for any action from SPS stakers. You can check at to see how many tokens you have accumulated. Snapshots are taken daily for the airdrop, so you can join in at anytime by staking SPS tokens on the Splinterlands site.

For those who just want to sell, markets for the token are open on Hive Engine, and token owners can transfer their tokens from the GLS site anytime they want.

Staking for GLX tokens should open today. GLX stakers receive rewards in the form of more GLX tokens, and GLGT (Genesis League Game Time) tokens. GLGT tokens are kind of like the Vouchers in Splinterlands. They will offer owners access to special presales and events, and provide discounts in some sales.

Genesis League Goals Pack Sale

And speaking of sales, the first packs are available for Genesis League Goals. Players can buy packs for the upcoming football (soccer) game. Each pack costs $5 and contains 5 random cards. There are discounts for buying large quantities (100, 500, and 2,000 packs) and there will also be some extra perks for big spenders. Buying 100 packs will provide access to the beta and a free manager’s license (needed to earn tokens while playing – similar to spellbooks in Splinterlands). 500 packs provides a special NFT title, and 1,000 packs rewards a special, promotional NFT. And on top of that, the top 10 pack purchasers get their likeness on a coach card and get to help design it as well!

But don’t expect to open those packs just yet! Genesis League Goals packs can’t be opened until sometime next year (2023). Supposedly there will be a pack staking system, letting pack holders earn some GLX tokens while waiting. But I don’t know if that will be available with the token staking or not.

Genesis League Goals screenshot?
Genesis League Goals screenshot?

What is Genesis League Sports?

Genesis League Sports is a new web3, gaming venture based around real life sports. Players collect player cards, and submit their lineups against other players in PvP contests. Their first game, Genesis League Goals, features players from the Major League Soccer Players Association. But this is just the start. GLS wants to build partnerships with additional organizations across a variety of popular sports.

The GLS team plans to create several different game moes. This could include manager games, where players create their NFT lineups and submit them for results, or fantasy and prediction brackets, with the outcomes based on the productivity of the real-life players.

All the games on the Genesis League Sports system will include play to earn opportunities. This is done via a rewards shares system. This sort of system is being adopted by more blockchain games as a way to spread wealth while also rewarding those who play the most and win the most. Basically, every win during a period (usually a day) earns reward shares. At the end of the day, everyone receives a percentage of the rewards pool based on their percentage of the total reward shares that day. Rewards shares can sometimes be affected by the types of NFTs used, amount of tokens staked, guild membership, etc.

Genesis League Sports will also support their own validator nodes, with a free license airdrop to those holding SPS validator node licenses. These licenses allow anyone to participate in maintaining the ecosystem in return for token rewards. In addition, GLS plans to have their own, internal NFT market and rental system and offer Stadiums and arenas as NFT assets that players can improve and level up.

You can visit their website and follow them on Twitter for more information.

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