MeetsMeta Starts Paying in $LINK to Calm Down NFT Worlds Skeptics

MeetsMeta is going to pay their users to play on the Minecraft servers minigames in Chainlink tokens to calm down NFT Worlds skeptics. The team also announced a new game is in the makings.

Following Minecraft’s announcement banning NFTs in the multiplayer servers and NFT Worlds revealing they’ll work on a new Minecraft clone, MeetsMeta users started to panic and sell their passports. 

To calm down their audience, the team hosted several AMAs, and confirmed they’ll now stop paying users in their server with $WRLD, due to the highly volatile state the token is in right now. The payments will now consist of $LINK, and top players can earn up to $5 per hour winning tournaments in the minigames.

Mohammed Khalid, MeetsMeta’s CEO, keeps being a firm believer in NFT Worlds and privately disclaimed to the Play To Earn Magazine that he’s going to hold his 1.5m $WRLD in the hope the project’s founders do end up developing a clone and the token skyrockets.

MeetsMeta is also holding strong on their 5 NFT Worlds, originally bought for tens of thousands each, and players can still have fun in the MeetsMeta city until Minecraft goes ahead and closes everything down. All NFT assets players bought and held in the game will be transferred to their new IPs. No one will lose the assets they purchased.

The team started a profitable collaboration with Chainlink, which is going to help the project come back on track through advanced technology stacks. The development platform will also help MeetsMeta attract new audiences and grow their player base.

MeetsMeta Starts New Development on Unity

MeetsMeta’s CEO confirmed the team is now working on a new game and released the pitch deck of the company to reinstate trust amongst players.

The new game will build up on the existing assets, as most NFTs they built and Minecraft structures can be easily passed down to their new engine, Unity. The new development is going to be a shooter, and the first beta will be released in about 8 weeks.

The server hosting the new IP will be named “MeetsMetaverse” and is announced alongside new social UI/UX designs inside their Minecraft servers, to capitalize on the fact that MeetsMeta is first and foremost SocialFi – decentralized socialization – rather than a project on top of Minecraft. 

The game will run in the MeetsMeta city players know and love, and it will propel other games and studios to develop on top of their scholarship tech solution. The final goal for MeetsMeta is to provide a ready-made engine for developers and no-code enthusiasts to ship fantastic and easy-to-maintain experiences on the blockchain. 

Developing on Unity will help MeetsMeta safeguard its future, regardless of the operations and decisions of a third party. According to Khalid, Minecraft’s decision came out of nowhere but was a possible sidetrack the team anticipated. 

Building on top of a third party that never officially stated their intentions with NFTs and web3 was risky from the get-go, and the new internal solution they’re developing will boost the security and stability of the overall mission.

MeetsMeta Successfully Navigating The Crisis

Chain token

MeetsMeta is taking the hit wonderfully, and the great response has been noted by their community. As of now, the floor for a passport is 0.11 $ETH, rising rapidly back to its initial stable point (around 0.15-0.20 $ETH). 

Players are gaining back trust, especially thanks to the release of funds in $LINK tokens. $LINK has great potential to grow, so holding on to the token is a great option for them to maximize their earnings playing in the minigames.

If you’re curious to hear it from the CEO, the team is holding AMAs almost daily on their Discord and finalizing some last announcements from the last development update on Twitter. We suggest you keep an eye on both channels to stay up to date. On their Discord, you can also find the full pitch deck describing the next year’s plan for MeetsMeta to a T.

As of now, MeetsMeta is the project handling the announcement better than everyone else, including NFT Worlds itself. They don’t have the ability to quickly shift to a new framework or completely change the core grounds of the project, while MeetsMeta can transfer audiences from one platform to another and change the payment method quite quickly due to the values and objectives of the team. 

In the future, MeetsMeta aims to be multi-chain to join as many grants and funds as possible, including the ones on the Binance Smart Chain.

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