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MeetsMeta Reveals Passports on Opensea and Launches Scholarships

After a successful presale, MeetsMeta minted the passport NFTs on Opensea, and the reveal comes alongside a new, fully-featured scholarships portal.

Since our introduction article, MeetsMeta has been growing rapidly, and the CEO has been a great guest on our latest Play to Earn Weekly show.

As of today, all the passports, from basic to exclusive, have been minted and are available for purchase on OpenSea. The floor is currently 0.09ETH for the basic passport, while Exclusive NFTs are trading for 1.15ETH. 

The scholarship portal is also live as of yesterday, and we’re glad to announce MeetsMeta is partnering with Play to Earn Online to give out one passport to a lucky winner!

MeetsMeta Scholarships

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MeetsMeta finalized an internal portal to let holders generate passive income from their passports. After logging in the custom area, holders can choose which scholars to sponsor, for how long they want to partner with them, and the total split of profits in the games.

MeetsMeta scholarships is presented with data provided by MeetsMetaBuff, where everyone, players included, can track the statistics of all active citizens of MeetsMeta. 

The stats include personalized trackers for each game, for example, the Counter Strike clones will count your average kill rate, while lava game will focus on other metrics.

All data can be used by passport holders to sponsor the best players, and players can do their best to increase their position on the rankings to attract more holders and have more negotiating power on the split earnings scale. 

The MeetsMeta Scholarship is an innovative take on scholarships, think Aavegotchi as an example and take it to the next level. Thanks to deep analytics and a robust tech stack, the scholarships are easy to manage on both sides.

You can see a full tutorial video here:

The developers are keen on making sure the game remains profitable. Following the NFT $WRLD token losing value, they doubled the rewards on their server for 48 hours. Constant balancing is happening at all times, and the average income per player is around $2-3 per hour.

Get your free passport

Play to Earn Online is proud to give out one Passport NFT to a lucky winner!

To join the NFT Giveaway: 

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  2. Comment on this video with a meaningful take on MeetsMeta and requesting for the MeetsMeta passport office (or another fun take!). Just make sure we understand you’re there for the passport giveaway by mentioning the NFT and MeetsMeta.

That’s it! You have until next week, the 10th of June, to join. We will DM the lucky winner of a free MeetsMeta passport on YouTube.

If you don’t get lucky, you can acquire one on OpenSea or join their next public sale. They will host a flash sale on the 21st of June, for a total of 48 hours. The public mint will re-open once market conditions are more favorable.

What is MeetsMeta

MeetsMeta is the next level metaverse built on top of NFT Worlds, featuring an exclusive pass-based access metaverse where players worldwide can have access to play to earn games, digital goods, collectibles, and real estate.

The gameplay is similar to that of Minecraft. Players are within a fully functional Minecraft instance and can experience all of the game’s features without having to wait for some mysterious roadmap. 

MeetsMeta built some unique neighborhoods and amusement parks to keep the players engaged, including 12 play-to-earn games such as spleef, TNT run, parkour, kart racing, and a CS:GO clone.

The team currently owns 5 NFT Worlds, which represent Minecraft Servers, and they’re aiming to buy 50 in the upcoming months. They aim to be amongst the first servers to take advantage of NFT World’s faucet to reward active projects and their players.

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