Play-to-Earn Weekly

Play-to-Earn Weekly Ep.7 | Hot Crypto Gaming Sales, Planet Mojo, and All the Latest Alpha

The overall crypto market is still bearish, but the crypto gaming space is still hot! This week we review the latest NFT, land, and nodes sales happening now and analyze how they perform! Our guest this week is Mike Levine, founder of Planet Mojo. We discuss the project and the upcoming NFT mint. We also review all the latest and hottest news and introduce you to some projects we are looking forward to.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:25 Top News of the Week
  • 02:14 Splinterlands Nodes Sale
  • 05:20 Undead Blocks Open Beta
  • 07:00 Phantom Galaxies Planet Sale
  • 09:50 Rebel Bots Land Sale
  • 12:45 Planet Mojo
  • 35:40 BlockPlay Mint and giveaway
  • 40:55 Cross the Ages
  • 46:40 Ni no Kuni
  • 50:00 Cantina Royale
Editor at Play to Earn Online Magazine — I love crypto and discovering new use cases and projects everyday — As for gaming, I am an old school, arcade and racing sims fan. Here to help you navigate the play-to-earn space.
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