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Meet Quantum Noesis’ Creative Director and Graphic Novel Artist

Quantum Noesis

Quantum Noesis is the world’s first playable, NFT-based graphic novel set to launch on March 31st. Let’s dive into Quantum Noesis’ universe with the interviews of Eric Jordan, creative director and Bogdan Kravchenko, lead graphic novel artist for Quantum Noesis.

EVI, the world’s first sentient AI, is under attack by those who will stop at nothing to destroy her. Use your wits to clear all twelve levels, win crypto prizes, and unlock the ultimate puzzle: the mystery of consciousness.

Meet Eric Jordan, Creative Director of Quantum Noesis

What is the Game and How Do You Play?

In Quantum Noesis, you are an elite cyber security agent. As a top gamer, YOU have been recruited by the Noosphere DAO, which has crowdsourced and gamified part of its security system. In the game, elite gamers jack-in to the metaverse using a neural link helmet. You are assisted by Pilar (short for Compiler), a wise-cracking sidekick program who translates code blocks into a form that taps into human creativity and intuition. There are 36 puzzles of increasing complexity — three per chapter. Solve the puzzles to advance the story and win crypto prizes along the way.

Quantum Noesis is a browser-based game built in Unity. To play, you need to have a Phantom Wallet with a Kanon token or an equivalent amount of $SNS tokens.

Can You Describe the Puzzles ?

Puzzles involve putting letters into a grid, assembling word fragments, or deciphering letter substitution codes.

Can You Describe the Environment?

The fictional world of Quantum Noesis touches on themes in our own world – authoritarian governments using AI to increase surveillance and control and Big Tech Data-opolies using AI to manipulate and divide us. Like Noosphere, the fictional DAO in our story, synesis.one is aiming to build human centered, ethical AI for all.

What Does the Title Quantum Noesis Mean, and How did you come up with the Game Title?

Quantum Noesis is an amalgam of quantum — part of the AI is a quantum computer — and Noesis, a Greek word that means cognition or intelligence, or the exercise of reason. In Greek philosophy, it has the additional meaning of the highest kind of knowledge or knowledge of the eternal platonic forms. It took us three weeks to think up the right name —writing ideas onto a window because(we we didn’t have a white board). 

How Did the Game Come About?

Our challenge was to build a game using words from our NFTs. Naturally, this led our Head of NFT Gaming to consider word puzzle games — but he wanted to craft something more challenging than the word games many are familiar with, such as Scrabble, Wordle, or Words with Friends, and these games are based on manipulating individual letters. This conundrum led him to discover a legendary puzzle designer who is famous for fiendishly clever and challenge word puzzles — we’ll introduce our puzzle designer to you all in the coming weeks!

Quantum Noesis preview
Quantum Noesis, a playable graphic novel

Who’s the Team Behind the Game?

Synesis One’s Head of NFT Gaming and Game industry veteran, Tracy Spaight put together our outstanding team of puzzle master, writers, and designers. The team includes:

Puzzle Master Cliff Johnson, whose many awards include ‘Best Puzzle Game Ever’ and ‘Best Retro Game Ever’.

Award winning artist and creative director Eric Jordan produced the concept art Artist Bohdan Kravchenko who created the beautiful graphic novel panels that tell the story.

The writers, Cyberpunk novelist David Young, author of the Cyberpunk City series Writer Shawn Whitney Fabryka Gier, who have produced games for Playdom and Spil Games, is building the game.

Meet Bogdan, Quantum Noesis’ lead artist from Ukraine

Who Did the Concept Art?

Eric Jordan, who serves as an advisor for Synesis.one, agreed to provide artistic direction to the Quantum Noesis project in October 2021. With 22 years of experience in high-end creative direction, design, and motion graphics, Eric has been recognized as one of the world’s top 20 international designers by Net Magazine. His past clients include Electronic Arts, Activision, New Line Cinema, LG Electronics, Space-X, Boeing, Tesla, and many other top global brands.

“I was attracted to the story’s exploration of decentralized systems and artificial intelligence,” explains the New Zealand based designer and creative director. “It aligns with my own interest in the nature of consciousness and gnosis.”

Eric is known for translating high-tech concepts into beautiful forms that resonate with viewers on a higher level. This unique ability shines through in the concept art he created for the game.

Working from the story synopsis, he dreamed up the look of the main characters — the Noosphere DAO’s science team, EVI, the sentient AI, Pilar, the player’s sassy software sidekick, and the villains of the story, including MegaCorp’s sociopathic CEO and his co- conspirator, Volkov. He also helped bring the high-tech environments of the Noesis Network’s datasphere to life.

Eric created the characters and environments in DAZ 3D, a rendering application used for images and video. He then ran them through Cinema 4D and RedShift — a GPU 3D accelerated rendering software — to create the gorgeous avatars and environments of our concept art.

quantum noesis preview
Quantum Noesis Chapter 1 preview

How are You Translating the Script into Images?

Eric’s concept art gave Quantum Noesis it’s unique Science-Fiction look and feel. The next step was translating the 100-page script into individual panels, to tell the story in the visual language of a graphic novel. To bring the story to life, the Quantum Noesis team engaged Bohdan Kravchenko, a Ukrainian artist with a gift for illustrating graphic novels. Bohdan is an expert storyboard artist and illustrator with a wide range of ability and astonishing skill.

His illustrations give the characters personality and gravitas. “I’m really enjoying working on this project,” says Bohdan. “I love the story and enjoy the process of bringing the world of Quantum Noesis to life.”

What Influenced the Art?

Fans of science fiction films may catch some of the inspirations for the world of Quantum Noesis. The W^X ‘war room, for example, is inspired by the war room in Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 classic Dr. Strangelove. And the design for EVI was inspired in part by the Maschinenmensch (humanoid robot) from Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic, Metropolis.

How to play Quantum Noesis and earn rewards

Players of Quantum Noesis compete for over 1,000,000 Synesis tokens ($SNS) in rewards. The first players to solve a given puzzle, complete one of the twelve ‘chapters’, or finish the entire game will win $SNS tokens. There are more than 8,000 possible rewards for players to claim, including a grand prize of 50,000 SNS for the top player. To access the game and claim rewards, players need a Solana-based wallet and a Kanon NFT. You can also access the game by holding and staking a minimum of 100 $SNS tokens.

If, like us you are intrigued and want to take part in this unique adventure, check out the Quantum Noesis official website. To immerse yourself even deeper in the universe, meet the community and enter the different giveaways, join the official Discord Server here.

About Synesis.One

Synesis One is the world’s first DAO for Play-to Earn data yield farming and an NFT Data Marketplace for AI on the Solana blockchain. Synesis.one unlocks the hidden value stored in human thought and language by turning AI data into a financial asset through DeFi composability: www.Synesis.one

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