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Mouse Haunt – Mouse Heroes Revealed and PVE Gameplay Details

Mouse Haunt Lock and Load

Back in January, we took a look a first look at Mouse Haunt, an upcoming action strategy PVP game with an original gameplay. Since then, owners of the Mouse Haunt boosters were able to open and discover their Mouse heroes and the team revealed the details of the first phase of the game called Lock and Load.

Mouse Heroes Reveal and Marketplace

Some of the early adopters who bought or earned their Mouse Haunt boosters were eager to discover what their Mouse Heroes would look like and what their personality traits would be. The wait ended on February 26th when all the holders were able to open their genesis, common, rare, epic and legendary boosters and the Mouse Heroes were finally revealed.

At least one Mouse hero is needed to play the first phase of the game, Mouse Haunt: Lock and Load. You can still buy boosters and mouse heroes on the Mouse Haunt marketplace. The floor price for an Heroic Box is around $40 and $15 for a common mouse.

Put your mouse to work with Lock and Load

At the end of March the team will release the first PvE game mode: Lock and Load. In Lock and Load, players will create squads with their mouse heroes and send them in a haunted castle to get $MHT token rewards. The $MHT token is the governance token of the game, so participating in this first release will allow player to grow their $MHT bags until the PvP Game mode is released in Q3.

For the PvE game mode, every player will have 2 standard squads for farming. These standard squads allow you to farm with up to 6 mouse heroes at a time (3 heroes X 2 squads). But there is a bonus! A player can also unlock an extra squad via MHT staking. Staking bumps the number of active mouse heroes to 9, and they farm more than the standard squad, multiplying the farming rate of the mouse heroes in it. The Bonus Squad is tier based. By staking more MHT, you allow better rarities to be part of that squad! Stake more, unlock a better team compositions for the bonus squad and ultimately farm more!

Here is a preview of the Lock and Load user interface that was leaked on the Mouse Haunt Discord.

The heroes you pick for each squad are important as well. As each Mouse Hero has specific traits, a squad with similar characteristics will have a better synergy and earn more rewards. The mouse’s outfits are also important. Mouse Heroes with similar outfits won’t like each other and won’t have any synergy. So choose your mouse carefully, or head over to the Mouse Haunt marketplace to trade your mouse heroes to maximize your earnings.

Create synergy within your squad

Full details about the Lock and Load game mechanics can be found in the Mouse Haunt whitepaper.

What is Mouse Haunt?

The Mouse Haunt team promise to offer an innovative play-to-earn experience where fun comes as the first reward. And from the concept to the first gameplay previews we have seen, it seems like that is what the Isoforce Games team is going to deliver. The game itself has been in development for quite some time. A first preview was presented at DreamHack Atlanta in 2018, and, as you can see in the video below, the players seem to really enjoy themselves playing this game. Since then, the game evolved to become an NFT based play-to-earn game.

Mouse Haunt is an isometric multiplayer action-strategy game. Players will play in two different teams: Mouse Heroes and Ghosts. Then the goal is rather simple: The Mice want cheese and the Ghosts are trying to prevent them to get their paws on it. As simple as that, but players will have to use many tricks to achieve their goal, and that’s where the fun begins!

Ghosts are able to control the environment by throwing chairs, making a bookcase fall over an unsuspecting mouse or even blasting explosives! But wait, there is another twist: Once a mouse dies, it will become a ghost and will need to adapt its strategy to continue scoring points.