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NiftyVille Genesis Property Sale This Saturday

niftyville NFT property real estate tier 1

Onessus has announced that they will sell the genesis property NFTs for the upcoming open-world action game NiftyVille this Saturday, December 4th. Only ten land properties will hit the market this week, all located on Genesis Avenue in Moon Valley, NiftyVille.

Land in NiftyVille is very rare. There will only be 750 properties in the entire world of NiftyVille. This means that real estate becomes very scarce, and demand will push the price up. Don’t be surprised if the auction will require deep pockets.

The team will split the sale in two events:

  • 6 parcels will be given away to Whitelist Pass holders, where each pass counts as a raffle ticket
  • and only 4 parcels will sell in a 24-hour public auction. The highest bidder will win.

These 10 properties come in two rarities: Tier 1 and Tier 2. The Tier 1 properties are rundown, under construction, less appealing living places. However, players can always upgrade them. Property owners receive tools and resources for owning the land. Property owners can also higher contractors to upgrade or renovate their assets. The Tier 2 houses are middle-class residential properties. Players can customize these homes as they see fit.

NiftyVille game map

Judging by the map, NiftyVille will offer farms, villages, and a bigger city area with a park. There will also be a harbor, sandy beaches and snowy mountains. The game world consists of one big island, surrounded by various smaller islands.

What is NiftyVille?

NiftyVille is a play-to-earn open-world MMO.  The game will offer players all kinds of opportunities for action-packed gameplay, ranging from demolition derbies to street races and zombie parties. There will be events initiated by the developers, but players can also organize their own events.

Players will be able to have their own business inside NiftyVille, and they can take on any role they desire. Players can own shops, which means they can earn NiftyCoins and the opportunity to sell exclusive NFTs. For example, buy a car dealership and you will receive exotic car NFTs available only to you.

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