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Polygon Joins Blockchain Game Gaia Everworld

Gaia Everworld polygon

The blockchain-powered virtual universe of Gaia Everworld has welcomed Polygon as their latest partner. The Polygon blockchain ecosystem has acquired a piece of land in the upcoming virtual world. The team currently has a whitelist process opened up for everybody who’s interested in joining Gaia Everworld.

Gaia Everworld will have a total number of 237.734 land parcels, called Eever. The land in Gaia Everworld allows owners to build anything they wish, play games, or simply rent the land out to another player. After the private sale, which Polygon joined, there will be a public land sale somewhere before the end of the year. It should be noted that Gaia Everworld releases its NFTs on the Polygon blockchain as well.

The land sale opens more chances for players to own and have full control of their land to earn money. A Drag & Drop tool helps players easily build their own property in the game world. A landowner can rent out land to earn money. Occupants may develop in-game quests, applications, advertising space, or even host their own E-sports competitions, and give the landowner a percent of the proceeds. All of those agreements will operate via a smart contract where players can decide the price and the duration of a rental.

Users that are part of the Gaia Elite Club and own the corresponding NFT, can get access to the private sale. There are 10.000 Gaia NFTs, which are basically PFPs. Minting costs 0.075 ETH and there are still NFTs available. There will be exclusive social channels for GAIA members. In addition, when they sold out there will be 5 NFT drops for GAIA NFT holders. Interestingly you can buy GAIA NFTs below mint price on OpenSea as well.

Play-to-earn in Gaia Everworld

Players can use their Gaia NFT characters to explore the fantasy world, collect items, breed new characters and battle. However, when players stake the native GAIA token it will allow them to earn rewards in each game mode. Players can also farm resources or craft items, and sell those on the in-game marketplace. Gaia NFT holders can loan their characters to other players and earn passive income.

Gaia EverWorld takes place in a fantasy world, called Gaia. Here all creatures prepare for war. Gaia Everworld will feature various game modes, and the first two will be Battle Mode and Legion Mode.

Battle Mode is a PvP turn-based arena battle game, while Legion mode is a real-time-strategy game. These games should release somewhere in 2022. However. the full MMORPG adventure game allows players to build on their land and create opportunities to earn money for themselves to freely inspire their creativity. These plans will not come to fruition before 2023.

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