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Fear NFT Ecosystem Announced Fear Dungeons

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The FEAR horror play-to-earn NFT collection has announced Fear Dungeons as the next step into growing their horror inspired ecosystem. The game will feature player-owned land parcels, and the developers will soon announce premium partners as well.

Seemingly Fear Dungeons follows patterns from other popular first-person horror games like Penumbra and Outlast. The horror element doesn’t come from blood spatters, but from the game’s atmosphere. Fear Dungeons seems to thrive on atmosphere, but players will also encounter monsters. Of course, being a play-to-earn game, there will be treasures as well.

Fear Dungeons will release an early version of its game and its land sale in the first quarter of 2022. Until that time players can already acquire the game token, FEAR, on Ethereum, BSC and Polygon. At the time of writing FEAR is $3.66, up 52% compared to yesterday.

Entering the gates of the horrorverse

Within the Fear ecosystem, or the horrorverse as they call it, already various games are available. There’s a 2D web-based shooter called Clucking Hell, a 3D jumpscare horror adventure called Araya and a 3D adventure game called Fear Museum.

With The Crypt, the team has announced their latest addition to the horrorverse. The Crypt is an idle adventure and management game. You’re a Crypt Keeper in the Underworld and summon evil characters from the depths of hell to harvest resources and capture human souls. Basically you’re yield farming human souls to summon more evil characters, it’s pretty dark. Harvesting devices will be unlocked through progression rewards. There will be levels of efficiency, that will yield more tormented souls. Evil characters, also NFTs like the devices, can automate the harvesting process or optimize it.

You can feast on FEAR, basically. It’s pretty cool to see a project like FEAR grow from something small into a wider community effort. Multiple teams contributing to growing an ecosystem of horror NFTs and games, combined with gamified DeFi elements surrounding the FEAR token.

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