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MetaSoccer to Launch Football Game in the Metaverse

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A 2 million euro funding round needs to push the idea for MetaSoccer into reality, bringing a new football game into the metaverse. With support from investment funds like Play Ventures, Defiance Capital and Kyros, the development team wants to create digital native football clubs and players.

MetaSoccer wants to combine play-to-earn with football fandom. But instead of relying on licensing deals with real clubs, they want to create their own virtual superstars. “Ultimately we aspire for the next Messi to be born in the metaverse and play on a platform like ours”, COO Patxi Barrios said in a statement.

This idea is interesting, because if we all walk around in the metaverse, why shouldn’t we be fan of a character from the metaverse? We socialize there. We have fun there, perhaps work there as well. So it’s not farfetched to be a fan of a digital character as well, especially seeing the rise of Vtubers and digital stars, like Lil Miquela.

In MetaSoccer players, users, can own various assets, ranging from teams and players all the way to stadiums. Within this universe everybody will use the MSU token. This token exists on the Polygon blockchain. Players can create and lead their own teams, generate revenue by playing and being successful. Players can find sponsors for their club, or rent their stadium to others. Managers can invest to train their players, sell them with a profit.

However, players do age and retire. Therefore you will also need youth scouts, also NFT characters. They learn from their experience as well, and can find better talent as they become better at their job.

Roadmap for MetaSoccer

Right now the private sale for MSU is happening, and there will be a presale as well. Furthermore the team will start a private and public presale for youth scouts. In addition there will be a sale for other assets, even though those details are still vague. Most likely they will sell clubs, stadiums etc. They scheduled all this for 2021, but don’t be surprised if something moves to early next year.

In the first half of 2022 MetaSoccer will introduce the first gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to improve their scouts, train football players, and the first matches will take place. Ultimately this needs to result in the first career mode. Down the road there are plans for splitting the roles between managers and club owners, implement 2D match simulation, setting up career tournaments, and launching a DAO. This DAO needs to vote for the betting platform, stadium ticketing and so on.

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