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Continuum World to Sell Land NFTs in December

Continuum World glacial biome

The virtual universe of Continuum World will have its first land NFTs for sale in December. They will sell 20.000 land parcels in different sizes and with different qualities. Lands contains 1, 3 or 5 biomes depending on whether they are small, medium or large. So a medium land could contain a forest, glacial and mystical biome.

In Continuum the biomes determine the rarity. There will be common forests, uncommon rocky areas, rare glacial and volcanic biomes and very rare mystical ones. Their rarity will determine which exclusive resources the biomes produce. Aside from the rarity a biome can produce a regular amount of resources, but also abundant or even wealthy. That’s another attribute that will determine the value of your land.

Pricing for the upcoming land sale will happen with UM tokens. The price will be determined by the number of stars a land has. One star land will be the equivalent of $25, while a five star land will be $150. Keep your eyes on the news about Continuum World for more details about the NFT sale this December.

What is Continuum World?

Continuum is a fantasy world made of sky islands with a natural and futuristic environment where you can collect resources. The better your UMi avatar searches, the more resources you will obtain, which will allow you to earn the UM token. You don’t need land to earn UM, but owning land will get you passive income based on the activity by other players.

In addition you can farm your own land using plantations, power generators or for example fish farms. There are different types of activities that tie into these buildings, like farming, fishing etc. You can gather resources when exploring the world or you can farm your own land. Earned UM can be sold on the market, or used to improve your land and equipment.

You can find the UM token on QuickSwap (Polygon), Uniswap (Ethereum) or the MEXC Global exchange.

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