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Get Ready for the Continuum World Land Sale

Continuum land sale interface

Though we have no official date yet for the Continuum World land sale, we have learned quite a bit about how lands work and what they are used for. The Continuum World land sale will happen sometime in December. A total of 20,000 lands are up for grabs in this sale, each one with its own set of biomes and resources.

Lands are made up of biomes. Each land consists of 1 to 3 random biomes, based on its size. Small lands only have a single biome, medium sized lands have three, and large lands, five. There are six biome types in total, Forest, Grassland, Rocky, Glacial, Volcanic, and rarest of all, Mystical. Biomes are randomly chosen for each land and can be any mixture of the available types.

some resources Continuum World
resources in Continuum World

To add an additional layer of depth to lands, each biome can come in one of three rarities (I, II, and III) and one of three richness levels (regular, abundant, and wealthy). Rarity determines what type a resources a biome contains. Higher rarity means more rare resources. Some resources are only found in the higher rarity biomes. Richness determines how much of the resources the land contains. Higher richness = more resources. More resources = more chances for a rare or legendary spawn. So a Rarity III, Wealthy Richness biome would be one of the best to find!

How do I purchase Land in Continuum World?

This sale will be on the official Continuum World site. Each land receives a 5 star rating based on its characteristics. Pricing for the land varies based on the star rating. All Continuum World land is sold for $UM ONLY! Interested buyers should stock up on $UM early on the Matic network. The list below shows the relative USD equivalent prices.

  • 1 star — USD $25 equivalent
  • 2 stars —USD $50 equivalent
  • 3 stars — USD $75 equivalent
  • 4 stars — USD $100 equivalent
  • 5 stars — USD $150 equivalent

As this is officially a pre-sale, there is some restriction on who can buy lands. To join this land sale, you must be staking $UM, the official token for Continuum World. The game requires staking at least 500 $UM for Bronze level access, all the way up to 10,000 for the top tier, Platinum. Each higher tier staking level allows more land purchases. Bronze tiers can purchase 1 land, Silver 3, Gold 5, and Platinum 10. The team warns against using multiple accounts to try and purchase additional lands!

Land, What is it Good For?

Land is for gathering resources safely. Otherwise players must gather in the cities, where there are no rare resources, or journey out into the Wildlands and risk dangerous encounters! Landowners receive a percentage of all the harvests from other players on their lands. Owning a land with desirable and rare resources could prove to be extremely lucrative!

some buildings in Continuum World

Also, Landowners have the opportunity to construct various buildings to generate power, produce resources, craft items, and more. Many resources need tools to harvest properly. Presumably, at least some of those tools will be player crafted.

As another source of potential income, players pay fees for using other’s buildings. An industrious landowner could potentially create a set of useful buildings to attract more players to harvest their lands, setting up a nice passive income!

Virtual land ownership has been a hot commodity for the past year or two in the blockchain world. With the team’s plan to continue creating additional buildings and perks for land, I imagine that plots in Continuum World will be in high demand.

What is Continuum World?

Continuum World is a fantasy world of sky islands with a natural and futuristic environment where players collect resources and improve their avatars, or UMi. The better your UMi avatar searches, the more resources you obtain. Whether exploring the world or farming their own land, gathering resources is the aim of the game. Used for crafting and upgrades, players also trade and sell resources on the market. Additionally, players who own land earn income from other players exploring on their property.

The official token for Continuum World is $UM. You can find the UM token on QuickSwap (Polygon), Uniswap (Ethereum) or the MEXC Global exchange.

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