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TCG World Brings WallStreetBets into the Metaverse

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After raising over $1 million through their first land presale, TCG World has now welcomed WallStreetBets as one of the communities in their virtual world. WallStreetBets, a Reddit community which got mainstream attention around news stories about Robinhood and GameStop, will build a community hub and education center in the Asia region of TCG World.

TCG World will celebrate the partnership with the WCB community by offering three different avatars for sale. The WSB Ape, WSB PunkApe and WSB CyberApe each have 1000 copies and cost 1 BNB. Obviously WallStreetBets is not a traditional company or brand. However, it is a community of investors from across the globe that have been able to make an impact.

For TCG World this partnership is just the start. The virtual world offers a blank canvas for developers to create whatever they please. Landowners can create their own buildings, graphics styles, and characters. Players can become any character they please, and the possibilities are endless. There’s an element of monster catching and evolving, yield farming, simply designing buildings or even castles, and so on. Ultimately, you can make a game, a social experience, organize events and so on.

More about TCG World

TCG World wants to enable players to create homes, art galleries, and adventures. While TCG World seems to build on the creativity of its players, they want to provide a world where creativity can blossom. The game world will offer mini-games, puzzles and social activities, all glued together by a meta game involving so-called Sprites. These Sprites can be caught and collected by players, while players can also battle each other.

The world of TCG World consists of different environments with different styles. Players can buy a piece of land and build a virtual home, dance club, museum, playground and so on. Each of those types of lands comes with certain benefits.

Farm lands generate the native TCGCoin. Other lands create more resources or you will find extra rare creatures there. There are four regions: north, east, Asia and forest. Within these districts users will also find the farming plots. Right now you can still buy various types of land for 1 BNB, including Gold Farms.

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