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WorldWideWeb3 Going for NFT Avatar Interoperability

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WorldWideWeb3 is a pixelated 2D MMO set in a dystopian universe where your NFT avatar can come to life. No matter whether you own a CryptoPunk, CyberKongz, Bored Ape or Toadz, each of them become playable characters inside WorldWideWeb3.

WorldWideWeb3 (WEBB) describes itself as a MMORPG metaverse game that uses NFTs for in-game avatars, lets, lands, items and quests. Their virtual world will become a template for future projects, with core values to keep the space open for all and interoperable with as many other projects as possible.

In this world you can play as you Punk or Bored Ape, and then use your Mooncat or CrypToad as a battle pet. The developers want to integrate as many third party projects as possible. If you don’t have any of the supported NFTs, you can always play with a CryptoWeeb. Those are the native characters.

Because most avatar NFT project don’t have a full body, the team will create a body per-request as a standard for the entire NFT project. The example below is from CyberKongz.

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Land sale and businesses

This November the team will organize a land sale. This will be quite an event, as landowners have quite some customization options. They can host social events, while other particular land plots offer businesses. Think about for example: nightclubs, bars, vendors and stores. There are four types of land: apartments, buildings, businesses and advertising space.

As a landowner you can create custom NPCs and quests inside your land plot. You will also have the ability to make governance decisions for the entire WorldWideWeb3 world, and landowners can integrate smart contract functionalities on their plot. This technically means you can build a play-to-earn game within the world of WEBB. The first land sale will take place on November 29th, selling 6500 NFT land plots for 0.069 ETH each.

A lot more coming to WorldWideWeb3

The roadmap for WorldWideWeb3 has lots of events scheduled. For this month they have planned to have the Genesis land sale, alongside the release of an Early Access Demo and support for ENS user names. In December the team will add a play-to-earn mechanics, allowing users to earn mintable items. After that, things will get more exciting with play-to-earn questing, and the start of PVP development.

In 2022 the team will work on their own WEBB governance token, the ability to access your land and showcase NFTs, and a Pokemon-inspired battle system. Guild mechanics, Mario Kart-style racing games, a battle royale game mode. It’s safe to say that the team behind WEBB is ambitious.

Now, if you’re interested in this project, I would advice you to read their Notion page. It’s full of info about exclusive NFT characters, a storyline, and so on. WEBB is quite ambitious, and I like it.

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