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Decentral Games Brings Club Amnesia Ibiza to Metaverse

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Decentral Games is expanding its efforts from gaming to night clubs as it announced a partnership with Amnesia Ibiza. A virtual version of the club with come to Decentraland, offering dance music on the virtual dance floor. They plan to open the club in the metaverse in June this year.

Amnesia Ibiza is one of the most famous clubs on the Spanish island of Ibiza, known for its night life. Obviously the pandemic has everybody diving into new ventures, and virtual worlds in the metaverse seem to be an answer. Decentral Games will build the Amnesia Ibiza experience with three dancefloors:

  • The Iconic Terrace – a virtual version of the actual dance floor with live stream sessions from Ibiza
  • The Museum – where historical visual content from the Ibiza night life will for on show
  • Amnesia Arena – an experimental area for new talents, concerts and other special shows

In addition they will create an Amnesia store where they will sell exclusive NFTs, ranging from music, autographs, artworks and in-game wearables. Decentral Games will make these wearables in collaboration with DJs and producers. In addition these wearables will give a yield boost in DG tokens, when playing games in Decentral Games.

“ This partnership with Decentral Games will bring a piece of the heart of Amnesia and Ibiza into the homes of our fans, allowing them to recreate a unique experience through the 3D metaverse environment of Decentral Games. We have always focused on offering our clients the best party of their lives, now with the pandemic we must try to bring a little piece of Ibiza to each home wherever they are.”

Sergi Blaya, Brand Manager at Amnesia (press release, April 26th 2021)

Decentral Games became a DAO

In January Decentral Games made its first move into becoming a completely decentralized autonomous organization, or a DAO, governed by a community. This DAO has to govern 400 land parcels inside Decentraland. In December last year Decentral Games launched its DG governance token. Players earn DG by playing games inside Decentraland.

Players who now hold DG tokens, which currently has a value of $293 per token, gain voting power for the future of Decentral Games. They get to create community proposals to build galleries or organize events. The DG token is up more than 1000% in value since January, when the token was only $22.

Decentral Games already organizes regular game nights. In addition they sometimes have DJs for music performances. Next month they will have Francis Dillion hopping in for the opening of the official Atari games in Decentraland.

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