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My Neighbor Alice Brings Characters to The Sandbox

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My Neighbor Alice has partnered with The Sandbox to bring some of their game characters into the voxel universe. Initially three characters will move into The Sandbox, including of course Alice herself. In the future the developers of Antler Interactive would consider giving more characters a similar treatment.

Alice will be a legendary character of which there will be 200 copies. There are 400 copies of Beekeeper Hae-won, which is an epic character. Thirdly there’s The Frog, which comes in 600 copies. So in total My Neighbor Alice will be giving away 1,200 NFT characters through their social media channels.

They will give away one character every week, starting this week with The Frog. Gamers can join the giveaway need to complete a series of tasks, and fill in a form. Winners will be announced on Monday June 14th, after which the second giveaway will start.

It’s important to note that the NFTs are not interoperable. It’s not like you can use The Frog NFT in both The Sandbox and My Neighbor Alice. The Sandbox has its ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain, while My Neighbor Alice taps into Binance Smart Chain. Both blockchain solutions are EVM compatible, so technically interoperability would be a possibility.

Currently a land sale is happening

Technically the land sale for My Neighbor Alice didn’t start yet, but through a staking period they are now distributing raffle tokens. When this staking period ends, they will select the winning candidates to buy some land using the ALICE tokens they’ve been staking.

Gamers and investors who are interested in acquiring land in My Neighbor Alice, will need to stake at least 20 ALICE. That’s need to the registration and enough to buy one plots. If you stake more money, you could be lucky enough to win multiple plots. Of course you will need to pay for those as well. The longer people stake their ALICE tokens, the bigger the chance that they will have winning land sale raffle tickets.

The land sale period has four important dates:

  • Deposits Date: May 26th, Wednesday at 10 AM UTC
  • Staking Start Date: May 28th, Friday at 10 AM UTC
  • Staking End Date: June 10th, Thursday at 10 AM UTC
  • Land Sale Event Date: June 11th, Friday at 10 AM UTC

ALICE is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. You can acquire the token through Binance and for example PancakeSwap. 20 ALICE is currently priced at $104, giving ALICE a price of $5,20 per token. Depositing can be done here.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-powered multiplayer builder game in which players build their own virtual lands, interact with their neighbors, do all kinds of daily and social activities and earn rewards. Anyone can join the world by buying a piece of land, participate in farming, fishing, bug catching, beekeeping and many other activities. There are quests players can do together, while others are more competitive.

The neighborhood you live in is governed by the Community Council. This is basically a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where players can use their ALICE tokens to vote on certain decisions. Furthermore the DAO will gain more power over time to distribute revenues for additional game development.

On an in-game marketplace players can sell and buy different items and NFTs. Avatars allow for personalization, while character developments help them to unlock exclusive events and even rewards.

A new concept that My Neighbor Alice taps into, will be adding DeFi elements to the game. NFTs will have collateral, making them more liquid and therefore economically useable. Each NFT gives a monthly interest for holding it, but token holders can also tap into the value.

A share of every NFT purchase will go into a collateral pool, and it’s tied to that particular NFT. If the user needs money, but there’s no buyer, they can lock their NFT and get the collateral instead. After doing that, the NFT would be locked. Users then need to pay back the money in order to regain control over their digital assets.

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