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Riot Racers Will Launch Metaverse Next Year

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The play-to-earn car racing game Riot Racers announced plans to extend their reach and create a wider multiverse based around their games. After already launching two successful sales for Cars, Mechanic Shops, Gas Stations, and sections of Racetracks, Riot Racers sets their sights on bigger goals. They will introduce more games in their ecosystem.

Blockchain games are great, but the entire ecosystem is now all about play-to-earn and ‘the metaverse’. The metaverse is a virtual environment where users can share digital items, information or value. It’s all about connecting different virtual worlds under one umbrella: the metaverse. Despite marketing talk, there’s no such thing as launching a metaverse. Projects simply open up, and join the metaverse. Riot Games is now adding their signature racing game to the metaverse in a big way.

Players can own land in the Riot Metaverse (we assume the name is a player holder) and choose how to develop it. Players could setup businesses such as a car resale showroom, paint shop, or club. I’m envisioning a drivable city where players can cruise around and show off their cars before heading over to a racetrack to participate in a race. Other players watch the races or hang out on the streets while waiting for their custom paint jobs to finish.

At least that’s how I imagine it. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon on what the Riot Metaverse will look like. Sales for land in the Riot Metaverse begin in early 2022 with the first gameplay experience arriving in late 2022.

The RIOT token

Like most blockchain companies these days, Riot Racers will release their own token, RIOT. Already announced as the token for Riot Racers, RIOT also functions as the currency for the Riot Metaverse. RIOT lands on Uniswap on September 30th, 2021. Players must bridge the token over to the Polygon network in order to use it in any Riot games or markets.

The first uses of the RIOT token include renaming cars and visiting Mechanic Shops or Gas Stations. It is also needed for racing fees and car upgrades such as improved engines or tires. But that is all just to start. Expect to see more uses for RIOT as their gaming portfolio expands and their Metaverse opens up.

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Other games

A good metaverse needs more than one game. And the Riot team has that angle covered. Besides Riot Racers, the team is planning two other games — Riot Rampage and Riot Rush.

Riot Rampage is a street fighting game where players own fighters who can be upgraded with weapons and shields Riot Rush is some sort of running game where players are chased by Riot Robots. Player ownership of game features such as weapons shops and battlegrounds are promised for both games.

No further details about either game have been released yet. Development on the new games won’t begin until Riot Racers is released.

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What is Riot Racers

Riot Racers is a play-to-earn racing game in which gamers can earn by playing the game or owning parts of the ecosystem. Players own cars, which they can upgrade using RIOT tokens. They earn RIOT by competing in races. Before joining a race, they need to pick a car and a strategy based on the race conditions. Gamers also need to visit a gas station to get some fuel, which serves as an entry fee.

The game generates the race in the background, so it offers passive gameplay. The outcome of a race gets determined primarily by the player’s race strategy and in addition by a weighted random algorithm. Cars with higher XP and better upgrades automatically have a better chance of winning. However, sometimes the underdog can come out on top. That’s what makes these types of racing game exciting. The top 3 of each competitive race earns rewards, paid in RIOT tokens.

Another way to earn in Riot Racers is by owning a part of the game, for example, a mechanic shop, gas station or a piece of the track. The game offers 20 gas stations in total, and only 7 tracks made up out of 1400 parts. Through billboards, also an NFT, another earning opportunity presents itself. Here gamers can advertise their own product or perhaps rent it out to third parties.

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