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HodlGod Allows NFT Lending Through Scholarships

hodlgod scholarship program

HodlGod has revealed a major update that includes the option to lend an NFT and introduce scholarships in to their gaming community. The PVP battle game suddenly adds a completely new layer to the economy, now that players can lend their items to others in exchange for a percentage of the earnings.

In terms of longevity, Hodlgod feels almost old-school at this point, but despite having a fully functioning, play-to-earn game, HodlGod is still officially in a pre-alpha stage. That doesn’t stop them from dropping a big update on us, one that includes a new Scholarship program as well as a bevy of bugfixes and game improvements.

The latest HodlGod update brings a slew of changes and fixes to this fantasy-based, battle royale game. In addition, the HodlGod team announced the introduction of a new play-to-earn campaign in the form of scholarships.

Let’s talk HodlGod scholarships

Play-to-earn mechanics are hot in the blockchain gaming world, and Scholarships seem to be the next big thing. Scholarships allow owners of game items without the time or motivation to make use of them, to pair with players who don’t have the funds to purchase game items. Owners loan their items to players, and in return they receive a percentage of the player’s earnings.

HodlGod already laid the foundations for their play-to-earn options with in-game NFT loot and payouts for active streamers. With the addition of scholarships, they open up these mechanics for a few lucky warriors.

In HodlGod, players must own a Bounty Contract in order to find certain NFTs in the game. The Bounty Contract itself cannot be loaned out (at least not yet), but the owner of one can take advantage of the WhenStaking system to create a lease for the Bounty Contract. That lease can then be given or sold to another player, allowing that player to utilize the lease as if it were the Bounty Contract until the lease expires. In the meantime, the owner of the original Bounty Contract still has it in their possession.

The development team is offering up 52 of these lease contracts to worthy players who are active and fill out the appropriate form. In the future, these Bounty Contracts will have specific quests to complete, but for now, they simply function as Immortal Gear skins, allowing players to look their finest while fighting to be the last warrior standing.

Patch Notes

For those already playing HodlGod, the patch notes are probably more exciting news. This update is packed full of bugfixes and quality of life improvements!

These include improved matchmaking and crosshair accuracy, smoother and faster paced gameplay, plus health bars over opponents’ heads. Kill assists have been added to the game, giving credit to players who damage another player within 8 seconds of their death but who don’t get in the final kill shot. Players who are killed by the zone death wall while damaged now count as kills.

For those who like to show off their NFTS, badges can be equipped in-game and collectibles displayed in your inventory. For newbie players, dummies in practice mode for newbies like myself to practice on.

Quality of life improvements for the game include a few hotkey switches. Players now use double space for double jump and double C for dash. Surrounding Volcano becomes a toggle ability. While on it drains mana and damages nearby foes. Teleport becomes a two step process, allowing players to better control the timing of the teleport.

Bugfixes cover almost every area of the game, from spectating mode to UI issues to crashing problems to hits not registering properly. This is just a very short summary. Please read the the official article for the full list of changes.

In addition, HodlGod play-to-earn and stream-to-earn trophies join the Onessus’ When Staking system. Players can stake each trophy with up to $4 worth of VOID in order to earn more VOID.

What is HodlGod?

Combining FPS with swordplay, archery, and magic, HodlGod brings the fantasy FPS genre to the WAX blockchain. Free to play, anyone can jump in and attempt to destroy all of their opponents before the walls close in. Utilizing melee attacks, exploding arrows, teleportation, and a number of other tricks, players fight for glory and loot on an ever shrinking battelfield.

Featuring, fast-paced, 3D, battle royale action, HodlGod success depends purely on skill and practice. Game NFTs are cosmetic only and offer no in-game benefit to the holders.

Players can find a number of rewards during the game including Silver Keys, Gold Bars, Purple Coins, and Green Coins. Silver Keys provide entries into raffles. Gold Bars and Green Coins provide NFT badges, though picking up a Green Coin requires that the player have a Bounty Contract. Purple Coins provide 10K VOID tokens, but players can only pick these up if they already hold at least 10 million VOID. Finding these items is only the start, though. Only the last standing warrior may reap the rewards from a match!

HodlGod offers rewards for streamers. Those who meet certain criteria receive weekly payouts in VOID. The game also provides a spectator mode for those who prefer to watch the carnage.

hodlgod in-game play

In related news, the team behind HodlGod just announced Niftyville, an open world, play-to-earn MMO based on the real world that will be built on Ethereum. Read more about Niftyville and watch the trailer here at Play to Earn Online Magazine.

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