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MegaCryptoPolis Adds Public Transportation

megacryptopolis city building

Any urban center, even a virtual one, needs transportation options, and MegaCryptoPolis will add those in an upcoming update. A big update scheduled to launch on Tuesday, will add mobility improvements. With no fewer than seven different modes of transportation added, Citizens should have no trouble finding a way to get around the city. This will be especially important as MCP3D ramps up their efforts to create a city simulation.

Aside from walking, players can use their personally owned vehicle for travel, be it car, helicopter, or hoverboard. If you don’t own any personal transport, you can always hail a taxi for a small fee in WORLD tokens. But if you don’t own a car and don’t have money for cab fare, perhaps public transportation would offer a better solution. Soon you will have plenty of options to choose from.

With this week’s update MegaCryptoPolis will add bus stops and subway stations, just to name a few. Players will be able to build these stations and stops, and construction will open starting from September 28th. Of course you will need resources to make this happen.

Subway Stations and Bus Stops

Each district may build one subway station. Constructing a subway station requires 4 land plots in a 2×2 grid and a load of resources. Each subway station comes with a bus stop and can be assigned a custom name by the owner. The Main Towers of both maps (Tron and Ethereum) will each have a non-player owned subway station.

On release, District Owners have exclusive rights to build a subway station in their district for 30 days. If the District Owner fails to create a station by the end of the grace period, anyone in that district with the land, resources, and urge, can build it instead.

Bus stops require a level 3 or higher commercial building that is located adjacent to a road. There is also a minimum distance of 15 land plots between stops.

There will also be airports

MegaCryptoPolis has two airports, one on the Ethereum map and one on the Tron map. These are publicly owned. Players travel between the two maps by visiting the airport. Presumably the airport will also have a subway station and bus stop so that all of the public transportation networks are interconnected. Otherwise, I might think that my local city council was running this game.

MegaCryptoPolis wants to build a world where players login and are able to walk around, explore, and shop in a virtual city. As part of the new player experience, Airports function as starting points. Anyone new joining the game begins at one of the airports to start their journey in the virtual world.

Though public transit construction begins soon, players won’t be able to actually experience using the new transportation features until Mega World Demo Stage 2.

What is MegaCryptoPolis?

You could compare MegaCryptoPolis with a game like Simcity, however it also has elements from The Sims in it. Players own, construct, and improve houses, offices, and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produce resources, creating an interconnected economy. All these digital assets are important for the MegaCryptoPolis ecosystem.

In addition the team plans to add interior apartments and customize-able buildings to the game. This would mean that player-owned characters would have their own home, which could be decorate with furniture and electronics. These will also be ERC-721 or TRC20 tokens, which in turn need to be produced by factories, requiring resources, workers, transport and so on.

MegaCryptoPolis is playable in a web browser, desktop or mobile. Lands are available on the Polygon/Ethereum, and the Tron networks.

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