MegaCryptoPolis Guide: How to Play, Features, Pros and Cons

MegaCryptoPolis is an exciting blockchain-based game that runs on the Ethereum network. It allows players to buy, build and develop digital properties while earning in-game assets.

Quick Facts

  • Initially launched in 2017, MegaCryptoPolis is one of the world’s first blockchain-based games.
  • Though MegaCryptoPolis is built on Ethereum, the design of the game allows it to be easily interoperable with other blockchains as well.
  • Digital assets owned by players in this game are exclusive to them only and can be sold as NFTs on NFT marketplaces.

MegaCryptoPolis Review

What is MegaCryptoPolis?

MegaCryptoPolis is a blockchain-based city-building strategy game that runs as a decentralized application (dApp). The game is powered by smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain.

On MegaCryptoPolis, players get to build their own cities. There are options to rent buildings or buy them, create residences, display ads, drive cars, offer special services needed by other players, and more.

Every move made by the player is deemed a transaction. All assets on MegaCryptoPolis are a unique ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) owned by the players and stored in their individual crypto wallets.

As ownership rights are assigned to game players, they can choose to rent it out, sell, or even buy from other players in the game or on other NFT marketplaces.

MegaCryptoPolis is similar to more popular strategy and simulation games like SimCity 4 and Cities XL where players can make almost real life decisions, build districts, and even experience certain natural disasters in the game.

What sets MegaCryptoPolis apart from other conventional simulation games, however, is that it is a play-to-earn game built on blockchain technology. Players not only have fun while playing the game, they also play to earn an income.

History of MegaCryptoPolis

With its first launch in May 2017, MegaCryptoPolis is one of the earliest games in the crypto space. On May 1, 2018, a year later, MegaCryptoPolis announced the project officially and began its first Bounty Island campaign, but development didn’t commence until October of that same year.

Little is known of the development team behind this innovative project but it has often been speculated that is the company behind MegaCryptoPolis.

A certain Alex Li, the supposed Chief Operating Officer of has also been linked with MegaCryptoPolis although that is yet to be confirmed.

What we know for sure is that the team behind this successful blockchain game chose to remain anonymous as MegaCryptoPolis does not even provide any names or biographies on its official website.

MegaCryptoPolis was built to revolutionize how people play real-time games. The idea was that when players spend time on a game, they should be able to earn money from it and also own rights to their gameplay assets. This concept has gone on to be widely accepted by pro-gamers.

How does MegaCryptoPolis work?

MegaCryptoPolis runs a decentralized model where all game assets and characters are owned by the player and progress of the play is saved on Ethereum.

MegaCryptoPolis involves taking a piece of land and developing it like one would do with real estate in real life so that its value increases. When it happens, you need to buy more land, just like in Monopoly.

To purchase a piece of land, open a map and select where you want the land. If it is a piece already owned by another player, there will be a “For Sale” sign on it. You can, however, make a good offer to the current landlord.

Developing a piece of land has a ripple effect on the price of surrounding lands. This would make other players feel interested in investing in your estate as it would also positively affect the value of their own properties.

As your estate size increases, you also have the option of taking out your profits to bid for other players’ buildings and take up ownership. However if you cannot afford buildings yet, you can rent from other players who own one.

MegaCryptoPolis is a play-to-earn crypto game. Your earnings come from the profit accrued from developing land and owning buildings. You can take an undeveloped asset, develop it and then sell or put it up for rent.

MegaCryptoPolis NFTs

Game assets on MegaCryptoPolis are ERC-721 NFTs with unique properties. These assets are owned by players and stored in wallets.

One way to earn NFTs on MegaCryptoPolis is to own important buildings that produce vital services such as water, electricity, wood, brick, etc. Owning a production chain that other players will require is a means of getting valuable NFTs on MegaCryptoPolis.

Land and other MegaCryptoPolis game assets are available on secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

MegaCryptoPolis cryptocurrency and tokens explained

MegaCryptoPolis is built entirely around the cryptoverse and its properties. The game uses its own native token called MEGA to power in-game macroeconomics and microeconomics.

Holders of the MEGA token are given voting rights which allows them to upvote or downvote proposed changes to the game ecosystem.

MEGA coin is also used to fuel MegaCryptoPolis gameplay on Ethereum. Additionally, players can use MEGA to buy land, purchase materials for construction of buildings, and also to facilitate business operations.

Maximum supply of MEGA coins is 1,000,000. The coin can be acquired on cryptocurrency exchanges including Hotbit, Moonswap, and ShibaSwap. MEGA can also be bought by taking part in the MegaCryptoPolis gameplay.

As MEGA cannot be bought on crypto exchanges with fiat currency, you will need to first buy BTC or ETH, and then swap these cryptocurrencies for MEGA.

Players can also earn MEGA by depositing materials like metal, stone, and wood into the MegaCryptoPolis vault.

MegaCryptoPolis price

The price of MEGA is always changing. The all-time high was $4.46, almost four years ago on Aug 24, 2018. To perform transactions, you would also need a small amount of Ether.

How to play MegaCryptoPolis

Getting around MegaCryptoPolis is not as difficult as many might assume. Gameplay is quite easy and straightforward. Players just need to employ the right strategies and understand game dynamics.

The game world


The MegaCryptoPolis game world is set in a real-time 3D universe and the gameplay is multiplayer.

MegaCryptoPolis gives you a birds-eye view of the virtual city and also allows users to zoom in on the tiniest details in near-perfect resolution. You can view your assets, districts you control, land plots and the marketplace from the game homepage.

The game characters


Just as it is with most simulation games, you need characters that tell a story. However, what makes MegaCryptoPolis different is that your character is unique. You decide the looks and the plot of your character.

Players can purchase special skins (Citizen Avatars) and traits that will be unique to their characters only. These special traits are NFTs so they cannot be copied by another player unless the owner decides to sell it.

Game mechanics


MegaCryptoPolis works just fine for most gamers and crypto enthusiasts. It includes features that are fitted to meet the needs of every player. Signing in is fast and free, while the gameplay is all inclusive. All it takes is registering for your account on the website with a valid email.

How to get ahead in the game


Getting ahead in the game is not difficult but it is technical. Players would need to employ different strategies to get the best of their resources.

Owning the right in-game properties and developing unclaimed assets is the best way to play as players will be guaranteed their earnings.

Game economics


MegaCryptoPolis offers two gameplay models, macroeconomics and microeconomics.
In MegaCryptoPolis’ macroeconomics model, immutable assets like buildings, districts, and land plots are the core of the game.

For microeconomics, however, collectible assets like citizens, pets, and accessories are used to add value to the macroeconomy assets and give the gameplay more essence.

The main difference between these two economic layers is that whereas assets on microeconomy can be transferred across other blockchains, assets on the macroeconomic layer can not.

Tools used in the game


MegaCryptoPolis renders visuals and environment effects to your browser using native WebGL tools. It tailors the graphic effects to fit your device memory.

How to win


MegaCryptoPolis does not really have a win-lose mode as you might be used to in conventional gaming. It is all about building, having fun and earning profit. How do you earn? We will drop some tips for that as you read on.

How to install MegaCryptoPolis

Access to this game is actually very simple. Users do not need to download an app whatsoever, just go to the game webpage to get started. It supports most types of device browsers, be it desktop or mobile.

How to earn money on MegaCryptoPolis

If you are not earning money on MegaCryptoPolis then you are not making the best use of the game. To start with, you need to connect your crypto wallet to the game when signing up. Gas fees and cost of transactions will be charged directly from your wallet. Earnings will also be sent to your wallet.

To earn money on MegaCryptoPolis:

  • Buy assets at a low price and sell higher
  • Develop bare plots of lands as much as you can
  • Construct and own buildings (especially municipal buildings)
  • Own districts

Players can trade their earned NFTs on the in-game marketplace or secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Pros and cons of MegaCryptoPolis


  • Blockchain interoperability
  • It is open and decentralized
  • Made in immersible 3D graphics
  • Good avenue for earning passive income


  • Not free to play
  • Requires you connect a crypto wallet


Blockchain interoperability

Although based on the Ethereum blockchain which the game will initially start with, players can choose to port to other blockchains like Tron later on. Also, assets on the microeconomy layer of the game can be traded across multiple blockchains.

It is open and decentralized

MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized application. Players own everything that they pay for, they can decide to sell their assets at any time and take out the profits. Also, MegaCryptoPolis makes its system very open in a way that users can view the statistics of other players on the network.

Made in immersible 3D graphics

The game developed from its initial 2D to 3D mode to give players a more realistic virtual universe. The 3D feature gives players the best game graphic experience they can get anywhere.

Good avenue for earning passive income

Players can earn good money on MegaCryptoPolis without painstaking work. Nothing is more exciting than earning money while having fun.


Not free to play

As much as MegaCryptoPolis is a means of earning some extra income, it is not free to play. This is one of the biggest downsides as one would need some crypto to facilitate in-game transactions.

Requires you to connect a crypto wallet

The game won’t start unless you connect it to your crypto wallet. You will need to pay for it with crypto.

Getting Started

Follow these few easy steps to get right into the game:

Step 1: Get an Ethereum or Tron-backed crypto wallet if you don’t already have one. Metamask or Trust wallet will do.


Step 2: Fund the wallet with some ETH or TRON.


Step 3: Go to the MegaCryptoPolis game website and click on the PLAY button.


Step 4: Connect your wallet.


Step 5: After the platform authenticates your wallet, the game interface will load and you will see a large map on your screen.


Step 6: On the map you will see both developed and undeveloped lands, you can buy one of the undeveloped plots. Buying developed land will cost you more.


Step 7: Develop your new estate and start earning.



Is MegaCryptoPolis free to play?

No, MegaCryptoPolis is not free to play, it is a pay-to-earn game. You will need to have ETH or TRON cryptos to execute game actions. However, it is free to sign up.

How do I get MegaCryptoPolis?

Simply go to the game website to start playing.

What was the lowest price for MegaCryptoPolis?

The lowest ever price for MegaCryptoPolis was $0 on Dec 29, 2021.

What was the highest price for MegaCryptoPolis?

MegaCryptoPolis reached its highest price on March 13, 2021 at $76.72

MegaCryptoPolis Game Info

  • Genre: City-Building Strategy
  • Free to Play: No
  • Platform(s): Browser-based
  • Blockchain(s): Ethereum, TRON
  • Token(s): MEGA
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