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NFT Characters for Voxies Tactical RPG Sold Out

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It took a few months, but the 10,000 NFT characters for the tactical RPG Voxies finally sold out. Gamers who want to acquire one of these digital characters will now need to dive into the secondary market.

Where most avatar NFT projects sell out their collection within hours, it took the Voxies team three months to sell all their NFTs. Now that they have sold all Voxies, gamers need to search for the 10,000 game characters on OpenSea.

Why the NFT collection took so long to sell out, remains a bit of a mystery. According to some tweets, there were high costs associated with minting these Voxies. Presumably higher than the minting price of other, recently launched, avatar NFT collections.

Game studio AlwaysGeeky Games gave every Voxie unique, random properties and traits. In addition they all look different, ofcourse.

However, Voxies are more than just avatars. Owners will be able to use these voxelized characters in an upcoming tactical RPG. Voxies come in different races, they can do different emotes, can have accessoires, and even pets. AlwaysGeeky Games is also working on a downloadable app, allowing NFT owners to play with their little characters. Imagine something like Tamagotchi, I reckon. Ultimately the team will also add extra items and wearables.

If you’re interest in Voxies, you need to be fast. The floor price was 0.15 ETH one week ago, and now the cheapest NFT already costs 0.27 ETH. You can find the secondary market for Voxies on OpenSea.

What is Voxies

Voxies are procedurally generated NFTs that can be collected, traded, and used in an upcoming Voxies Tactics Game. Every Voxel Buddy has a number of attributes and traits that make them entirely unique. The NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

Individual Voxel Buddies are currently available for purchase on OpenSea and other NFT aftermarkets. They currently function as cute and fun collectibles, but much of their value comes from speculation about their skill in the upcoming tactics game. 

The upcoming blockchain-powered game will work much like other turn-based RPG tactical games, such as Final Fantasy Tactics. Players will control multiple characters that they own as NFTs. The objective will vary based on the game type.

Central to the project is the VOXEL token. Players will earn the token by completing battles and other challenges. It will be able to be sold externally for profit or used in-game for various purposes, such as buying items, armor, or cosmetics. More information about the VOXEL token will be made available in future releases.

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