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Cyberpunk RPG Neon District Enhances Itself with Matic

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Blockade Games is making its upcoming blockchain-powered role playing game Neon District run entirely on the Matic Network. The two companies announced a partnership on Tuesday. It’s the first time the studio has revealed any news regarding its role playing game since postponing it.

Neon District will use the Matic Network for parts of its gameplay, like for example loot distribution. In addition storage and trading of in-game items will be done on the second-layer network.

Originally Neon District was scheduled for release in October 2019. They delayed the game, and in January Blockade Games decided to postpone the game for another six months. A release this summer seems a bit unlikely now as well. According to Cointelegraph the ‘official Season One will not be available until 2021’. However, the studio is planning several smaller projects during the second half of this year.

Why Matic Network?

Blockade Games was planning to use Loom as its second-layer solution. But after the project moved away from gaming and non-fungible tokens, Blockade had to find another solution for Neon District. Just like many other projects, they ended up working with Matic.

A second-layer network like Matic makes it possible to circumvent to use of the Ethereum mainnet. As a result transactions can be cheaper or sometimes even completely free. In addition it’s much faster.

Matic is being used by a variety of games, including projects inside Decentraland. Etheral, 0x Universe, Battle Racers, Chain Guardians and Light Trail Rush are other gaming projects that are using the second-layer protocol to improve the user experience of their blockchain games.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed turn based role playing game. The story-driven game is set in a dystopian future, and it’s centered around rebels fighting an authoritarian regime. Players get to level up their characters by doing missions, while they have a chance of obtaining better gear as well.

Thanks to the integration with the Matic Network, these game assets can be traded freely on an in-game marketplace. That way gamers don’t have to deal with gas fees while playing Neon District. On Opensea there are already items available from a pre-sale back in October. For example, for 3.45 ETH you can buy 23 ultra rare items.

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