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Devikins NFT Character Sale Tomorrow

devikins character NFT

MoonLabs Studios will have their first NFT sale for the tactical RPG Devikins tomorrow, Tuesday September 7th. Through the pre-sale gamers can acquire the NFT characters, which are stored on the Tron blockchain. Players will need to use DVK tokens to acquire the game characters.

Update: NFT sale postponed to September 8th, 3PM UTC, due to technical difficulties / bugs.

Each of the game characters for Devikins is an NFT, and they consist out of four different elements: Genes, ancestry, personality and affinities. Their genes will shape their face, influencing their skin tone, eyes, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, hair, horns and so on. The skin tone will also determine the Devikin’s ancestry, basically stating from which family or race they come. Every Devikin has its own dreams and personality, and their affinity will determine the ease of progression.

The Devikins NFT pre-sale and the launch of their marketplace will all happen this month. Later this year MoonLabs Studios will introduce the first bit of gameplay (Tamagotchi), the breeding system, and the first scavenger hunts for passive play-to-earn mechanics. The studio is part of Klever Labs, an initiative to grow the Klever ecosystem and ultimately become its own blockchain platform.

The Devikins NFT sale will take place tomorrow on Tuesday, September 7th, at 3PM UTC. The sale will take place through a webshop on the official website. Buyers will need enough DVK and at least 20 TRX for gas fees.

DVK token and gameplay

The DVK token turns out to be very functional within the game’s ecosystem, or at least that’s the promise. Right now gamers can stake Devicoin (DVK) in the Klever wallet. Players can use the token to buy NFTs, purchase in-game items, paying for VIP passes and so on. It’s the bread and butter of the Devikins game. Yes, that also means you can play and earn DVK, for example by completing missions, winning competitions and simply trading on the marketplace.

MoonLabs positions the game as a turn-based RPG with NFT breeding mechanics. The game will come to mobile devices, both Android and iOS. In the game there will be two gameplay mechanics. As every Devikin starts out as a baby, players first need to nurture them into toddlers and then into adults. Training gameplay will be very similar to Tamagotchi, meaning that players need to keep their pets happy, fed, clean and hydrated.

As soon as a Devikin becomes an adult, players can start battling others or battle enemies in The Void. Gamers will discover all kinds of items, ranging from potions to equipment and from skill runes and weapons to crafting materials. Yup, crafting is also part of the game. You can read more about the game in their whitepaper, and read more about the characters in this document.

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