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Neon District Introduces Character Crafting

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Gamers who are excited about the upcoming role playing game Neon District, are now able to get a small tease by diving into a character crafting system. Players can buy a character, acquire gear and weapons, and upgrade each of these digital assets. Gamers will be able to use their characters in competitive gameplay, which Blockade Games will launch before the end of the year.

In a blog the development team said that choices in the customization of the game characters are permanent. In addition some upgrading elements are random. For example, after initiating the leveling process, players will be given three choices that allow them to upgrade their stats or their gameplay cards. Refreshing the page won’t help, and players will need to make a choice.

Players need to spend several in-game currencies in order to level up their assets. For example, JUICE is required to level up characters. In addition PARTS are needed to make weapons and armor stronger. All these currencies can be bought using the main currency, called NEON.

NEON can be acquired through the official website. A bundle of 300 NEON costs $2.99, while 10.000 NEON will take $74.99 from your wallet. A crate with four random assets costs 500 NEON, which is roughly five dollars. Buying more crates will not give players a discount. Take a look at Neon District.

Development road map

Neon District was originally scheduled for a release a long time ago. However, the game got postponed for a wide variety of reasons. Now the project is running on the second-layer solution Matic, making the user experience for new players much better. Because the game runs on the Matic Network, there’s not much hassle with transfer fees or waiting times.

In the coming month the development team is planning a whole range of additions to the current Neon District portal. For starters, they will add COIN as a payment option in their portal. In addition they will allow players to sell characters, armor and a weapon as one single blockchain token. So instead of buying many separate items, gamers can buy one complete character set on Opensea.

At this moment Season Zero assets are still not visible in the portal. These older items will be added to the game in the coming weeks. In addition the team will add a lot more options for viewing profiles, trading items and filtering inventories.

In November the team will make an early version of competitive gameplay available for gamers who hold Trophy and Key tokens. There will be leaderboards and an option to challenge friends as well. In the end the full release of player-versus-player combat will be released before December 15th. They are planning to organize a Neon District Tournament over the holidays.

In early 2021 the free-to-play and play-to-earn business models will be embraces through singleplayer missions. After that there’s also the adventure mode, which will introduce loot, NEON, Juice and Parts as part of the game’s earning mechanism. The developers expect to release the earliest builds for Missions and Adventure Mode in January or February.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed turn based role playing game. The story-driven game takes place in a dystopian future. Player are part of a rebellion fighting an authoritarian regime. Players get to level up their characters by doing missions, while they have a chance of obtaining better gear as well.

Thanks to the integration with the Matic Network, these game assets can be traded freely on an in-game marketplace. That way gamers don’t have to deal with gas fees while playing Neon District. Players can acquire gear through gameplay. They also need these digital items to progress in the game.

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