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Pepper Attack NFT Character Sale This Friday

pepper attack mystic nft sale

The NFT-powered play-to-earn turn-based strategy game Pepper Attack will reopen its minting portal this Friday, allowing the last batch of NFT characters to launch onto the market. The community is now in the middle of the Pepper Palooza, during which they can learn more about the game and join all kinds of giveaways and contests. However, the big event is the upcoming NFT sale on Friday, September 17th.

The Pepper NFT collection seemingly looks like another NFT avatar project, but these assets can also be used in the Pepper Attack adventure game. In total there will only be 10,000 Mystic Peppers, the playable characters. Of these, only around 6,000 remain to be minted in the upcoming sale. Let’s take a look at what these NFT characters have to offer…

Each of the NFT characters belongs to one of five clans, for example the Bell or Chili clan. However, from a gameplay perspective their RPG-inspired characteristics are much more important. Each of them has hit points, attack power, critical hit chance, defense, and dodge chance. These traits give the NFT characters utility in the game, allowing players to earn MYTE tokens.

As you might expect, the higher the stats the stronger a character becomes. Some characters will be better at absorbing damage, functioning like a tank, while others deal more damage. These differences per character will likely influence your tactics in the turn-based strategy gameplay.

Missions, PVE and PVP

In an effort to stop the Underlord of the Old World, the five Pepper clans need to leave Pepper World behind and move to the Summon Gate to enter the Mythical World. Players will need to use their Pepper NFT characters to battle through missions, earning all kinds of game items in the process. Pepper Attack also features random monsters, adding surprise attacks to the game. In addition, Pepper Attack will feature both PVE and PVP rankings, allowing top players to earn extra rewards and of course MYTE tokens.

Pepper Attack also comes with a PVP arena mode, where players need to use 5 characters. In addition there are events, where only the best and most competitive players can enter to battle against the Underlord’s army inside the Black Rock dungeon.

The road ahead for Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack had its first Mystic Pepper NFT sale event in July, selling more than 4,000 NFT characters. The next Mystic Pepper NFT sale for Pepper Attack will start this Friday, at 4PM UTC or 9AM PST. Gamers who are already enthusiastic about the game and its ecosystem can join the Pepper Attack affiliate program as well. This allows them to register and share their unique link on their social media platforms to earn free Mystic Pepper NFTs, beta tester spots, and the game’s token MYTE for sharing the news.

With the MYTE token added to Pepper Attack, play-to-earn is becoming a reality. Mystic Peppers will have the ability to generate MYTE on a weekly basis. Furthermore, the game will move over to a layer-2 solution, making the entire user experience even more friendly. This should open up the gates to onboard a wider community into Pepper World, because the Peppers will need a whole lot of friends to stop the Underlord and his evil army!

Go to for the game, and go to for the affiliate program.

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