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Nestables Breeding Requirements Include Not Breeding Too Often

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Tribal Gaming has revealed their requirements for breeding in their blockchain-powered game Nestables. The developers have put lots of focus on their breeding mechanics, and decided that Nestables should make sweet love too often. Breeding can only happen once every two weeks, after that they need to take rest.

There are a lot more limitations to breeding, because the developers don’t want to stimulate overpopulation of their ecosystem. Of course Nestables need to be adult, before they can breed. In addition they need to be happy, so players need to make sure their critters have a happiness rating of 90 or more. Every Nestable can get three kids maximum, and their needs to be a mutual affection between the two Nestables.

It goes without saying that the little square critters should not be parents, siblings, half-siblings, or whatever potential direct relationship with each other. Tribal Gaming is still working on this system, so you can expect some changes in the coming months.

How to create affection

Seriously, this is not a dating blog. Nestables need some affection too. They can create this by interacting with each other. The amount of affection each critter generates, depends on their happiness and the type of interaction. Another method to create affection is by gifting tea.

Ultimately, every interaction between two Nestables makes them send and receive affection points. How much they send depends on the type of interaction and their character. How much they receive depends on their happiness. Affection will have other benefits, but Tribal Gaming will reveal these details later.

What is Nestables?

In Nestables players need to farm resources using their cubed character. After doing that, players can build all kinds items ranging from beds and kitchens to food and toys. It’s important to keep your Cube happy, so players will need to build toys and furniture that fit the cube’s personality. The cute little Cubes have their own treats, cosmetic features and personality.

Nestables has been in development for quite some time already. The game is part of the Enjin multiverse. Enjin is a gaming project on the Ethereum blockchain. They want to create a metaverse in which game items can be used in several games. They use their standardized ERC-1155 protocol for that. For example, if you have a Nestables character NFT you will see a little Cube following you around while diving into the dungeons of Lost Relics.

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