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Mythic Character Guild of Guardians Sold for $273,000

Mythic Lia NFT sale Guild of Guardians

A Mythic hero for the upcoming mobile game Guild of Guardians sold for more than $273,000. This game character is a one-of-a-kind version of Lia, the priestess of illumination. The NFT traded through one the marketplaces on Immutable X, which means there were no gas fees involved.

There is a mythic edition of every hero, and every NFT purchase from the pre-sale has a chance to be upgraded to a Mythic. Likely the chance will be a bit bigger on the legendary ones, that already sold earlier this year for $250 each. That means that the person who sold the Mythic Lia, probably paid $250 to find her. That’s a very nice ROI.

Soon Immutable and Stepico Games will do the second wave of their pre-sale, during which they will sell Epic heroes for $55 each. However, on every ‘summon’ there’s a slight chance that an epic will get upgraded to a legendary. In addition there’s a chance that they will upgrade to a special edition, giving the hero a badass skin. They will launch the next pre-sale without an announcement, in an effort to avoid gas wars.

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a mobile action role playing game. It taps into a play-to-earn business model, where those who play actively can sell their rewards to other players. Gamers will have full ownership over their in-game items, summons and characters. Expect things like ranged attacks, melee and area-of-effect spells.

Aside from the solo dungeon crawling, Guild of Guardians will also offer players the opportunity to play together. Together with friends or guild members, players can battle legendary bosses for even greater rewards. Guild of Guardians will run on Immutable X, allowing NFTs to be earned and traded free of charge.

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