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Nestables Closed Alpha Available for Early Adopters

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The collectible game Nestables is now live in closed alpha, which means that only holders of the Founder’s Token can play the game. Aside from this non-fungible token, players will also need a character asset in their Enjin wallet. Only when these two requirements are met, gamers can jump into the game.

To get into the closed alpha of Nestables will cost you a little more than 50 dollars. The Nestables Founders Token currently costs at least 50 dollars or 355 ENJ. In addition, purchasing a playable character will add another 5 ENJ to that.

In the game players need to farm resources using their cubed character. After doing that, players can build all kinds items ranging from beds and kitchens to food and toys. It’s important to keep your Cube happy, so players will need to build toys and furniture that fit the cube’s personality. The cute little Cubes have their own treats, cosmetic features and personality.

The team at made a preview video from the closed alpha as well. Worth checking out if you’re interested in Nestables.

Enjin’s multiverse

Nestables has been in development for quite some time already. The game is part of the Enjin multiverse. Enjin is a gaming project on the Ethereum blockchain. They want to create a metaverse in which game items can be used in several games. They use their standardized ERC-1155 protocol for that. For example, if you have a Nestables character you will see a little Cube following you around while diving into the dungeons of Lost Relics.

Yesterday we wrote about the announcement of Cede. Over the weekend a mobile game called War of Ants launched on iOS and Android. In this PVP game players need to destroy each other’s leader, or steal the loot. In addition there’s been quite a lot of news surrounding the open world role playing game The Six Dragons, which is entirely built around the concept of loot and items with unique stats.

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