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Citadel of the Machines Combines Puzzles with Play-to-Earn

The 3D physics puzzle game Citadel of the Machines will allow players to play-to-earn, but it’s actually more create-to-earn. The best and most popular puzzle creators will automatically receive HERA tokens or NFTs, challenging gamers to make the most fun experiences.

If you played games like Portal, Snake Pass, and Poly Bridge, you will know what a 3D physics puzzle game can be. Citadel of the Machines aims to become the first in that genre to implement play-to-earn mechanics, its own native HERA token and NFTs. The team describes their game as a ‘roam-and-earn NFT adventure’, but don’t provide a lot of details about all the earning mechanics yet.

In Citadel of the Machines a spaceship crashed on an alien world, but there are no survivors. After aeons passed, a lightning strike caused the ship’s computer to awaken. You will play the lonely service robot.

The developers of Citadel of the Machines will release a first series of 9,999 playable NFT characters. Of course that would be that same service robot. Each of those robots has different attributes, reflected in their in-game performance. The first 1,000 characters will come with an early access pass. Because everybody needs a character to play, the team will obviously release more NFTs down the road.

The first NFT sale for Citadel of the Machines takes place on September 21st. The game will use Ethereum for its NFTs and HERA token. Initially Citadel of the Machines will sell their NFT characters for 0,045 ETH each.

Puzzles and blockchain gaming

We’ve got to be honest here, but the puzzle gaming genre hasn’t been matched with NFTs, play-to-earn or blockchain gaming a lot. Age of Rust would be a first person puzzle game, and that one has been around for quite some time. However, there aren’t many new entries.

Most puzzle games in the NFT gaming space are probably part of GameFi platforms like Mobox, or casual social hubs like Gamee. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we’re still waiting for ‘our’ Portal. For the time being the NFT gaming genre gets lots of strategy games, role playing games and genres that mix both of these.

According to data from DappRadar the games that have the most wallets connecting to their smart contracts are Alien Worlds, Splinterlands and Upland. Each of them are a bit passive or idle, are tactical or strategy, and work with taking turns. The same goes for other top performers like CryptoBlades, Axie Infinity, R-Planet and the earlier mentioned Mobox.

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